Woodland Farms Brewery unveils Maine’s first non-alcoholic IPA

Woodland Farms Brewery today announced it’s first entry into the craft non-alcoholic market.

KITTERY, MAINE, US, March 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 18, 2021

Woodland Farms Brewery today announced Maine’s first entry into the countries growing craft non-alcoholic market. “We’re extremely excited to put Maine on the map as a quality producer of non-alcoholic beer,” says Patrick Rowan, managing partner at Woodland Farms Brewery.

Research and product development started shortly after we opened in 2017. Rowan’s uncle frequently traveled to Germany and enjoyed the variety and quality of non-alcoholic beers and noticed the limited options back home. More and more people enjoy craft beer, and not all want to drink high alcohol content or have an alternative while in social settings, or looking to reduce calories. We believed there was an opportunity to add a variety of options and styles in the non-alcoholic category that taste like great beer.

After three years of research and testing, we are excited to release our first non-alcoholic, hazy style IPA. Using Maine grown malt, it includes all the hop flavor expected from an IPA, while being low calorie, low carb and low ABV. “Pointer” offers a new option for health-conscious beer drinker to enjoy all the flavor of craft beer without any of the guilt.

This is the first in a series of styles we will be rolling out additional non-alcoholic offerings are planned for later this year. The Maine craft beer scene is known of it’s innovation, as well as a hub for some of the greatest beers in the country. We hope the non-alcoholic craft beers will continue to help us differentiate, and provide people with options to come together and celebrate safely.

Woodland Farms Brewery is a family owned and operated brewery celebrating their 4th anniversary. Located in Kittery Maine, and specializing in craft lager, sour ale, and non-alcoholic beer. For more information on “Pointer”, visit: wfbrewery.com/pointer.

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Woodland Farms Brewery
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