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Why Many Women Entrepreneurs Can’t Succeed In Their Own Business…

It is possible to beat entrepreneurophobia.”

— Terri Levine

NORTH WALES, PA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — For many women entrepreneurs, scaling their business is anything but easy. It isn’t natural for them to grow a business typically because they haven’t been taught how to or expected to. Whether their family felt like they should have a job or they thought they should have a job or they have listened to friends, often they desired to own a business but really don’t know how to create one. In addition, many women higher male coaches, consultants, or mentors who teach build a business differently than a woman would. The fear of not succeeding in business often holds a lot of power over these women and they actually live with a fear of going out of business. That fear often becomes the main obstacle to scaling their business.

“For most women entrepreneurs, whether or not they achieve their business success will depend solely on the advice they are getting. That’s very frightening”, explains Terri Levine, a business strategist who has helped thousands of women entrepreneurs overcome their fears and achieve massive business success. “It’s fear that’s stopping these women and also they are listening to the poor advice which is taking their business in the wrong direction.”

On the other hand, she adds, it’s always the women who get help from a female mentor who has been there done that that seem to do the best.

Levine has helped over 6000 women entrepreneurs overcome their fears – a condition she calls entrepreneurophobia. The key is to stop worrying about everyone’s opinion, stop listening to male mentors, and start getting the help of a mentor, coach, or consultant who has grown a business as a female.

“It is possible to beat entrepreneurophobia,” says Levine, “and achieve massive business success as an entrepreneur.”

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