Why Is Esports Becoming More Popular Than Regular Sports?

Cybersport is becoming more popular than regular sports every year. Now this has become a global trend, when the whole world is faced with a new and unexpected problem associated with a new viral threat, in connection with which almost all sports events have been canceled.

Even just a few years ago, no one could have imagined that playing video games would be considered as a sport. However, today everything is exactly like that. Cybersport attracts more and more attention every day. If you are interested in esports, you can follow up will all the news and matches in these article. Now let’s see why esports has become so popular. And let’s talk about how the bookmaker’s business, in the coronavirus era, is forced to shift the focus of products towards esports, said Darren Keane from Storm International.

Cybersport has long been on a par with such seemingly much more serious sports as football, hockey and others. A few years ago it sounded ridiculous – that computer games and tournaments would suddenly become more popular, or at least close in popularity to other sports, but after looking at the prize fund of the last big Dota 2 tournament, which was about $ 32 million – in looks like it’s true. However, how did it happen?

People like to look at what they know about, added Michael Boettcher from Storm International. If earlier in every courtyard children played football and perfectly understood the rules of this game from a young age, then growing up, they were interested in watching tournaments in a game that they knew from childhood, they did not have to learn the rules to watch these matches – they already knew them like the back of their hand. Nowadays modern youth more and more from childhood prefer computer games to active communication and joint games on the street. Therefore, they are more accustomed to watching such tournaments. Just like many children were dreamed of becoming famous footballers or hockey players and making big money on it, so many of today’s young people already dream of becoming a cyber athletes and start earning money simply by doing what they love – playing computer games.

Undoubtedly the main reason for the rise in esports popularity is the huge number of people who love and play video games. Often such people are interested not only in playing something themselves, but also in watching others. It is gamers who are the main fans of esports.

In addition, an important component of the esports popularity is the problem of generations – the modern generation thinks that the usual sports are too simple- just imagine, or people just kick the ball to kick it into someone else’s goal and this is the whole essence of the game. At the same time in any MOBA game there are more than a hundred different heroes, each of which requires its own style of play, add to this the same large number of objects and the fact that there are 10 players in the game at the same time, each of whom plays as different hero and everyone needs to adjust their style to others. It already looks much more difficult than running around the field with a ball.

These are not all the reasons why esports are becoming more and more popular every year, but these are some of the most significant, noted Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. Perhaps, in a couple of years, computer games will overtake the usual sport in popularity and perhaps, no matter how absurd it sounds, we will see some professional Dota 2 or CS: GO player at the Olympic Games.

Esports Pros

As in any other sport, esports players demonstrate all their skill during games. While watching the matches of famous cyber teams, you will be able to notice how the players now and then show all their professionalism, using perfectly worked out techniques. Naturally, they all follow pre-established tactics. It is unlikely that anyone would call esports pampering, taking all this into account.

While watching the professional teams game many people try to apply the techniques they saw during the game. Of course, such people often fail, because professional cyber athletes spend a lot of time on training. However, a simple gamer can learn something by watching how a professional cyber athlete fight among themselves.

In esports, as in absolutely any major sports discipline, quite valuable prizes are often raffled off. This fact attracts people to esports even without people who are indifferent to video games. Many are simply interested in watching how several teams, fighting on a virtual battlefield, are trying to get a valuable trophy.

Quite a few people are relatively indifferent to conventional sports. This often happens due to the monotony of most games. People just don’t have enough entertainment. And in terms of entertainment, esports will definitely bypass any other sports discipline. The whole process takes place in a computer game. This means that the viewer will be able to watch the actions of the teams that take place in colorful locations with an abundance of special effects.

Well, another reason is that in our time, esports is already quite well developed. Major championships do not take place in some small room, but in large pavilions, the capacity of which is practically equal to that of sports stadiums. Thanks to such conditions, many people come to watch any  game simply out of interest, and later become this sport’s real adherents.

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