Why has Jooli Chosen India as its Next Country?

India has changed well to social media, progressively more so during the epidemic. Indian consumers today make up a substantial percentage of global social media platforms and are an important focus market for these platforms to develop. We all know social media plays a major role in influencing people’s opinions, tastes, and desires.

There has been an advancement in the description of influencers in our social groups, going from a simple one-on-one private connection to a more social media-based interface, which serves fashion, style, home utilities, footwear, and home utilities. Considering the shift in the approach we interact and get inspired by has provided growth to social commerce.

Taking this approach forward, Jooli is bringing revolution to the traditional method of shopping. This comparatively contemporary new-age commerce is flipping the way we used to shop. It offers convenience, product range, introduction to hundreds of new brands and assists with monetizing personal and ambitious changes people carry in society.

Jooli is the best platform for selling products directly to the consumers by merchants as we have experienced it on social platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. But what makes it stand out is that this platform purely showcases unique brands and their products. Therefore, serious consumers do not have to search for their desired product through the multiple nature content. As a result, by 2025, India’s e-commerce market is estimated to be US$220 billion, while social commerce can grow to touch upwards of US$ 50 billion in terms of GMV (as per the reports).

China has observed the power of simultaneously taking e-commerce and social media. Social commerce now accounts for nearly 13% of all online retail sales that take place in the country. It has become an efficient way to reach underserved shoppers and provide small and medium-size businesses an inexpensive and easy way to establish an online presence.

Jooli has also introduced a cost-effective option for larger businesses and brands tottering under the weight of rising customer acquirement costs and battling to shield these precious consumers from competitors pursuing them persistently with deep markdowns. In addition, Jooli, because of its close association with merchants, offers fundamental advantages when it comes to employing and holding customers.

Here is a very simple sketch of a person to explain the transition to provide clear insight. Sakshi lives with her husband, a mechanic in Imtori village, which falls under Hapur, a Tier 3 city in Uttar Pradesh. Lately, her life, which mainly revoloved around family and household chores, has acquired an entirely new aspect. She now has a smartphone with free 4G. She discovers recipes on YouTube and remains in touch with her family, friends, and acquaintances via Whatsapp and Facebook. Sakshi is one of the 700 million Indians who have just stepped into the captivating realm of the Internet.

Another reason that made Joolis decision strong is the smartphone usage in India that rose more than five times between 2015 and 2020. Concurrently, the data usage rates have declined to one-tenth. As of 2020, out of every 100 people, 30 people have a smartphone and valid data. They use most of their online hours on social channels. While we have a whopping number of consumers active on different Social Media platforms, Jooli is catching up with the trend quickly and standing out from the usual journey of a social consumer.

This app will prove to be a key game-changer in the Indian market as it allows just about anybody to begin an e-commerce business. Preceding the beginning of these platforms, most people used social media to sell merchandise. These merchants were home bakers, handicraft makers, boutiques, or small business owners. But now, Jooli has arisen as a unique platform to showcase their best and connect with shoppers. It will help small or medium-sized businesses generate desired traffic on their website.

Within just three months, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of people engaging with Jooli and its merchants. We are pleased to see the transformation and growth Jooli will offer to the Indian merchants. Our research confirms that Indian consumers want assurance in terms of online shopping. Jooli is the answer to all questions.

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