What Is the Best Way to Do Landing Page Optimization?

A good landing page is no less than a delightful revelation to the reader. However, it needs to be a great conversion tool too. Let’s look at all types of practices and tips that can help achieve a landing page promising in many ways.

What is landing page optimization?

Landing page optimization is the process of enhancing all its elements so that it helps achieve more conversions. It is not something to do on a hunch but involves cracking a lot of data. Apart from planned data collection, situational shreds of evidence also play a pivotal role in making the optimization process result-oriented.

How to collect data for landing page optimization?

As mentioned above, the landing page optimization is a strategically designed approach mainly based on data collection; let’s find out how data can be collected. 

Interestingly, the optimizers need not wait for the consumers to visit the page or do any activity. They can do preparations in advance by taking surveys, referring to databases, competitors’ landing page analysis, and following intuitive data processing models. 

Preparations to do to optimize landings pages that appeal to audiences

The act of collecting and processing data lays a solid base for developing an understanding of preparations required to create appealing landing pages. Some of the must-do preparations are:

  1. Identify the loopholes or the problems that landing pages fail to solve. 

We cannot go for the hit and trial method when it is about the landing page. The landing page has to be designed based on robust research. Thankfully, there are tools available for research to identify unsolved problems. The developers can refer to a heat map to know which parts of the landing page are poorly performing.

  • Collect and track visual data report

Another tool that can help in designing the ppc landing page optimization strategy is a visual data report. The visual data comprises of scroll map, overlay report, confetti report, etc. The screen is color-coded in these tools to identify the portions that touched the audiences’ right chord. 

It is all about how to use data to strategize the landing page optimization process. 

Based on the results of these data handling tools and important reports, some proven practices or tricks have been developed by the landing page optimization specialists. These tips are explained briefly below.

Top tricks to perform landing page optimization

Once we have understood how to collect and process the data, let’s move further and find out about the best tips and tools that can help do effective landing page optimization.

  1. Keeping CTAs attractive yet straightforward

User behavior shows how they respond to the design and placement of CTAs. Attractive need not be confusing. A simple design, clutter-free ultimately, makes the visitors confident about clicking the CTAs. Also, the CTA telling what to do adds to the confidence of the visitors. 

  • Adding contact information

Conversion means what? It is merely getting the visitors on the site and persuading them to become a customer. This endeavor can meet success if you have used the visit made as an opportunity to facilitate conversation or further interaction. It can be made possible if you have placed the contact information. Mention all touchpoints. Even the ‘Give me a callback’ button can do wonders.

  • Bring uniformity

Landing page designing should be done with a consistent approach. If any social media page takes your visitors to the landing page, keep its aesthetics similar to the source page. It helps boost confidence and prevents any confusion from building in the customer’s mind.

  • Use urgency factor in creating phrases.

When you want your visitors to act on the landing page immediately, use some urgency creating phrases like ‘limited time,’ ‘only a few units left,’ ‘offer till (a nearby date).’ All these tricks compel the customers to think that they would miss something if not acted right away.

  • Keep the best part above ‘read more’ or digital fold.

Introduction or meta description or summary of a landing page should be written in an exceptionally appealing manner. There has to be some value for the visitor wanting to come to the landing page. The scroll map helps find the fold above which your information should appear. Apart from clickable headlines, give the boost to headlines with a mini-description that shows how important it is for the visitor to click ‘read more’ and read the whole page. 

  • Utilize color psychology

Colors have a typical and unique impact. These differ in their ability to attract readers and incite action from them. That is why; it is advisable to use different colored CTA buttons. The color should stand out in appeal and should exude a feeling of sincerity. Know all about the colors that spell professionalism and empathetic approach and use them to make buttons. It increases the chances of action from the visitor.

  • Keep the landing page exceptionally simple.

Visual clutter can confuse. So, understand the difference between a landing page image and a blog. It would help if you kept words as few as possible, and those should be the most meaningful. Further, make the landing page complete by using only the most relevant elements. Do keep a CTA, but it should not be designed in an over-assertive manner. The feel should look as if you want to inform about something important to the visitors, and if they like, they are given an option to explore the actionable.

  • Experiment with form lengths

There is no clear-cut policy about the form length. Sometimes, the shorter one does the job; at others, a little more information becomes important. Especially in case of an expensive product or service, or for initiating the long-term relationships, businesses can save everyone’s time by asking the most relevant question like budget and expected delivery time. If nothing matches, the lead is not to be followed.

These are a few of the optimization techniques to follow while designing the landing page. All of these are tried and tested. Also, these have proved useful in assisting businesses to meet their objectives of having a landing page. 

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