Westerner Seat Covers- Canadian auto accessory dealers specializing in truck seat covers, have relaunched a new website.

Westerner Seat Covers - Ford F150 seat covers

Westerner Seat Covers – Ford F150 seat covers

Western Seat Covers - One Piece Design

Western Seat Covers – One Piece Design

Western Seat Covers -  Manufactured and Tested in Canada

Western Seat Covers – Manufactured & Tested in Canada

Western Seat Covers -  Stylish, Durable & Comfortable

Western Seat Covers – Stylish, Durable & Comfortable

Westerner Seat Covers - Custom Fabrics

Westerner Seat Covers Are Made With Custom Fabrics

Manufactured in Canada for over 30 years Westerner Seat Covers provides high-quality truck seat covers, visit their redesigned website to browse their catalogue

Our approach to designing and manufacturing truck seat covers has established us as a leading brand in the industry and our top priority is delivering top-tier products to our customers.”

— Kerry Doan

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, April 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Westerner Seat Covers is a modern-day design and manufacturing company that specializes in creating high-quality truck seat covers. Their seat covers are made in Canada, and they serve customers all over Canada and the U.S. They have recently launched a new website that features all the available and custom seat covers that they have to offer. Moreover, their website also features a fabric selection page where you can swatch seat cover fabrics and pick the best fit for your truck.

With over 30 years of craftsmanship experience, they have successfully established themselves as the go-to creator of custom-made, top-tier truck seat covers for various automotive brands like Ford, GMC, Jeep, Nissan and more. The key to their success is the time, precision, and dedication they put into making every seat cover. They spend about 150 hours developing and testing each design, making sure it looks stylish and comfortable at the same time. They create exclusive products that outperform every other seat cover. Their seat covers are constructed explicitly for longevity and comfort; this ensures that customers can relax and drive comfortably. They take into account the seat row, headrest, armrest, and vehicle size and model. Their measurements are also taken by hand to guarantee the perfect fit for your vehicle while using fabrics manufactured to the most rigorous specifications. With their keen attention to detail, they can provide the best suitable seat covers with various fabrics and design options for your truck.

What makes Westerner Seat Covers stand out from other businesses that sell seat covers is their central focus on manufacturing high-quality seat covers that are durable and stylish. All their seat covers are manufactured in Alberta, Canada. The premium material and foaming fabric they use ensure that their seat covers withstand anything you throw at them. Their seat covers come in a single-piece design, making them easy to install and avoid slipping from the seat while driving. To achieve that, they use dual under bucket straps and side anchors. Their seat covers are water-resistant and have oversized buckles, straps and ballistic sides that reduce wear and tear. These features make their seat covers durable enough to last a car’s lifespan easily.
Along with their seat covers’ durability features, they also test and provide quality control for their products. Their seat covers are tested and proven in the Northwest Territories’ diamond mines and the Alberta oilsands. This rugged testing guarantees that their seat covers remain in premium condition against some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet.

From leather Chevy Silverado seat covers to camo F-150 Ford seat covers, Westerner Seat Covers is the company to provide you with top-quality truck seat covers. Their approach to designing and manufacturing truck seat covers has made them the leading brand in the industry. Their extensive family business, now in its second generation, brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to all customers, meeting and exceeding their expectations. Through detailed and stringent processes, they provide the best truck seat covers in Canada and the USA. If you are looking for comfortable, stylish and high-quality seat covers, Westerner Seat Covers is the right place. Give them a call at 1-800-305-5402 or visit their site (https://seatcovers.com/)

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