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Convokins by Côtier Brand for flawless celebrations

Convokins by Côtier Brand are a must for flawless celebrations.

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Mimosa Bar by Côtier Brand

Mimosa Bar Kit by Côtier Brand

Must-Haves from Côtier Brand When You Celebrate With Your Loved Ones

As a host, your ultimate wish is to create an environment where your visitors feel welcome and celebrated.”

— President and Co-Founder Marx Succès

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Easter is a holiday for celebrating the much-anticipated arrival of spring. It is a time of renewal, rebirth, and a transition into warmer weather. After the immense challenges of the past year, the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and celebrate a season of new growth has never been more important.

This year, make your Easter celebration with friends and family even more vibrant and outstanding with creative and festive ideas from Côtier Brand products.

Create an Opportunity for Laughter and Connection with Convokins

As a host, keeping the conversation lively and entertaining is one of the keys to a flawless celebration. Côtier Brand makes breaking the ice easy with Convokins, the conversation starter napkin game. Each gold-trimmed napkin is printed with a unique conversation starter question on the inside fold of the napkin. From strangers to loved ones, everyone can use Convokins to spark deeper, more engaging, and hilarious conversations. The napkin variety pack includes 50 distinct conversation starter napkins with questions such as “What is your favorite dance move?” or “Where is the strangest place you have fallen asleep?” Rekindle old friendships or create new ones using the magic of Convokins.

“This year, gathering with friends and family is extra special. We are all looking for a new way to reconnect after such a hard year,” CEO and Co-Founder Amber Succès said. “We may be a little out of practice mingling at a party. Convokins are an elegant and charming solution to encourage the guests at your Easter celebration to talk, laugh and reconnect.”

Take the Ordinary to Extraordinary with a Leveled-Up Mimosa Bar Kit

The “pop” of a champagne bottle is the surest indicator a celebration is about to begin! At your upcoming Easter gathering, elevate the affair using the festive Mimosa Bar Kit from Côtier Brand. This 97-piece Mimosa Bar Kit includes mimosa bar signs, stylishly scripted drink tag labels, fruit topping tent cards, eco-friendly decorative straws, and a golden sparkle letter banner to fashion your mimosa serving station into the focal point of your upcoming Easter brunch.

“When you place extra emphasis on festive decorations, guests feel incredibly cherished. You are offering them the gift of your time and energy. As a host, your ultimate wish is to create an environment where your visitors feel welcome and celebrated,” President and Co-Founder Marx Succès said. “When you use the Mimosa Bar Kit for your serving station, you take your event to a new level of sophistication.”

Make a splash at your upcoming Easter event with the Mimosa Bar Kit. Your guests will delight in your extra effort to create a fantastic experience!

To view all the delightful and inspired products for your next celebration, including products to make baby showers, bridal showers, and dinner parties unforgettable, visit Côtier Brand online at www.cotierbrand.com or find their products at local and online retailers such as Target and Amazon.

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