Webinar: Unboxing CCam™ focus, Civicom’s Recording and Streaming Solution for In-Person Research

Unboxing CCam™: Why CCam™ focus is a Better Solution for Recording and Streaming In-Person and Hybrid IDIs and Focus Groups

CCam™ focus: Civicom’s Recording and Streaming Solution for In-Person Research

Civicom® Marketing Research Services hosted “Unboxing CCam™” on March 24 which discussed the advantages of conducting in-person research using CCam™ focus.

The Unboxing CCam™ focus webinar delved into why CCam™ is an ideal recording and streaming solution for using a hybrid combination of in-person and remote research.”

— Irene Bocca

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT, USA, March 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Civicom® Marketing Research Services, global leader in facilitating telephone and web-enabled market research, hosted a webinar on March 24th entitled “Unboxing CCam™.” The presentation discussed the advantages of conducting in-person research using CCam™ focus, Civicom’s state-of-the-art recording and streaming solution.

The need for alternative qualitative research solutions continues as researchers try to execute their projects within the new normal restrictions. To fulfill this need, Civicom® has been empowering market researchers with CCam™ focus, a versatile solution for in-person research that works just as well in a home, office, or hotel setting as it does in a focus group facility.

Attendees caught a glimpse of how CCam’s plug-and-play HD 360° audio and video technology provides researchers an immersive experience when conducting interviews with a combination of remote moderators and in-location respondents.

CCam™ focus delivers uncompromised video and audio quality even when in-location respondents are socially-distanced, wearing masks, or behind plexiglass. Moderators can also use CCam’s real-time collaboration tools to chat with stakeholders. CCam’s dedicated support team ensures that the technology is tailored to every project need while providing the end-to-end support Civicom® is known for.

About Civicom® CCam™ focus HD 360° Camera With Integrated Video Curation Tools

Civicom® CCam™ focus is an HD 360º recording and streaming solution for in-person research, ideal for the new safety protocols. A portable plug-and-play solution that can be used from any location, the omnidirectional camera with built-in microphones simultaneously captures a panoramic view as well as a full-face video that adjusts when the speaker changes, fully capturing body language and sentiment. CCam™ focus delivers high definition visuals and superior audio even when the participants are wearing masks or are seated behind plexiglass.

Integrated video curation tools assure video deliverables are generated within minutes for review of key moments. Civicom® provides personalized service and support for set-up, troubleshooting, and assistance throughout every session.

This quality focus group solution is part of the Civicom® Research Services group, the global industry leader in facilitating web-enabled in-depth interviews and focus groups through web-enabled technology.

For more information, email contact@ccamfocus.com or visit https://civicommrs.com/ccamfocus.

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