VirtuHouse to Make the House Hunting Experience Easier by Brilliantly Utilizing Technology into Real Estate

VirtuHouse has now made property hunting stress-free by its website that uses AI, bringing exposure to sellers and comfort to buyers.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATE, April 5, 2021 / — They hold a versatile network and provides house tours from anywhere, saving their clients time and energy.

Searching a house is one of the most stressful events in modern life. It requires plenty of energy and time.

People often find it hard to get good houses that fit their budget. They struggle with sellers as well, and they don’t know the techniques of negotiating and often become a target of misconceptions. In this case, hiring a reliable real estate agent is a sensible choice. It is the agent’s job to find its customer a good house according to their budget. But again, it does not reduce all the time and energy it takes up going house to house. Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, it is even complex to go out and look for houses as it invites interactions that are to avoid at this time abundantly. This is where VirtuHouse enters. As its name suggests, they have introduced technology into the real estate business. VirtuHouse is a company that provides virtual tours of houses to its clients using unique and advanced artificial intelligence technology. It is based in the United States. VirtuHouse enables the apartment hunters to find the most suitable house in their area or even across the city, and it holds a versatile network. Buyers can view thousands of properties varying in areas, sizes and more.

VirtuHouse provides a practical platform to transform the rental marketplace; by giving end-users a thorough and convenient interface to streamline the selection of real estate properties with a better model of matching prospective tenants based on virtual viewing and their proprietary AI engine. It permits the purchasers or tenants to go through a virtual visit of the property, saving the purchasers both time and travel costs. In the reality of Covid-19, VirtuHouse is an essential choice. There is nothing much convenient than finding a fantastic house or an apartment in the required area with just browsing the site and sitting at home respecting the pandemic and saving time and energy as well!. There are thousands of houses available on their website with the necessary information about them.

The founder of VirtuHouse, Ben Z Hasidim, is himself a professional entrepreneur.

Being in this field, he understands what the clients require, and the sellers offer. His expertise has been built through the ownership of multiple retails establishments for the past five years. As a serial entrepreneur, he has demonstrated the ability to identify trends within the marketplace and apply consumer solutions that are innovative versus the status quo. Ben Z Hasidim’s idea of using the advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is exceptionally brilliant of him. This AI server notes down the user’s preferences regarding the house or apartment they are looking for and then recommends them suitable locations. Customer satisfaction is their biggest priority and always will be.

VirtuHouse brings exposure to sellers and comfort to buyers.

VirtuHouse is used by thousands of active users. The process of finding the desired house or an apartment is extremely quick there and requires only a few steps. The user first has to take their time and browse through thousands of places as much as they can and pick the perfect one. After that, they can contact the agent via chat and discuss the concerns (if any). Schedule a convenient time and date with the agent for a virtual tour of the place from anywhere. Next, if the house meets the buyer’s requirements, they can share their information and discuss the deal further, or if it does not, they can skip sharing the information and go back to browsing. Properties of rent are available there as well. Instead of traveling, people can tour various properties of different areas with just a couple of clicks. VirtuHouse brings convenience to its buyers, making their experience fun and simple. They are reliable and professional. They prioritize the comfort of their clients, which is why they are bringing something new, which will be announced soon. VirtuHouse has utilized technology wonderfully and is a perfect example of how technology is overstepping everything in today’s world.

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