Use Instagram Stories to Update the Globe About Myanmar’s Situation

NEW DELHI, INDIA, March 25, 2021 / — Ever since Myanmar’s military government announced the banning of popular social media platforms like Instagram, real-time updates from the people living there have been rare. There are no secret live footages and posts in a form of pubmats to inform the general public regarding Myanmar’s current condition.

Myanmar citizens who are residing in a different country are guaranteed to be worried and anxious about the issue. Even news outlets that are covering protests have been sued, and worse, tortured to death so it’s difficult to get news coverage.

The Solution

The VPN or Virtual Private Network technology is making rounds as it helps internet users bypass internet restrictions. This way, users can access banned websites and other online contents.

And if one is in Myanmar and has broadband or wi-fi access, he can help inform the public about Myanmar by posting on Instagram Stories. By this, the general public, especially, intergovernmental organizations like the United Nations, can take action on how to contain the said abusive type of leadership.

Also, by connecting to a VPN, the user is safe amidst the red-tagging of the government as VPN helps secure the user’s account by hiding his real IP address and replacing it with a curated one.

So, for those who want to speak up via the internet, now is the time to do so. With a VPN service like GoingVPN, the user’s online safety and privacy is ensured as this VPN service has a tight encryption.

Resist and join the movement to freedom. Inform the world about Myanmar. It’s high time for the public to know the truth.
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