Us Two Tea x Activist Teahouse to Support AAPI Communities With A virtual Tea Tasting for Supporters

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“Project Tea For Change: Non-Profit Asian Tea Tasting Session Will Bond Asian Tea Lovers and Aid the Yong Zheng Family”

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 8, 2021 / — In a unique attempt to support AAPI communities, Asian tea brand Us Two Tea and Activist Teahouse will host a virtual tea tasting session. The Project Tea For Change event will take place on April 10th, 2021.

To be a part of this initiative, supporters may purchase the Blossom Tea Set from Us Two Tea. 100 percent of the profits will be donated to support families and individuals from Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, particularly victims of systemic racism and anti-AAPI hate crimes.

The proceeds will also support the Zheng family, who recently lost their father to an anti-AAPI hate crime in February 2021. The Zhengs were out for a family dinner in Brooklyn, New York when Yong Zheng saw three people under attack on a nearby street. He ran to their rescue. As he tried to intervene, he was stabbed to death. Yong Zheng left his family of three (wife and two children) without any support.

All proceeds collected from the sale of Blossom Tea Sets will go toward the Zheng family’s GoFundMe. Over $341,000 has been collected so far, and this tea tasting initiative will help secure the Zheng family’s future.

The collaboration of Activist Teahouse and Us Two Tea, a woman-owned tea brand from Asian American Maggie Xue, will help the Zheng family. It will also support Asian-American families victimized by racial hate crimes and systemic racism.

About Us Two Tea:

Us Two Tea is an innovative tea company based in New York. Talking about the Asian-owned tea brand’s mission, founder Ranmu (Maggie) Xue says, “Tea is at the heart of Asian culture and it has always been a part of my life. Yet the tea brands we know and love are not Asian. I couldn’t help but wonder why. I have lived in the US for 10 years now and I have realized that we cannot just wonder. It is our generation’s responsibility to claim our culture and create a brand that represents us. I hope this brand encourages our next generation to be more confident about our culture and stay true and authentic to who they are – to be proud of being Asian American. I hope it inspires them to pursue their dreams and gives them the confidence to do what they love. We can dare to defy expectations and stand out, not just fit in.”

About Activist Teahouse:

Activist Teahouse is a mutual collaboration of Rie Tulali, Jess Hernandez, Marco Namowicz, and Jin Galvez, who together encourage tea-loving activists to learn and take action. Their mission statement says, “The act of drinking tea has always welcomed conversation around the table. Here at Activist Teahouse, we look beyond our cups and use tea to engage in the wider world dialogue. We commit to amplify voices in our communities and provide resources to kick start action towards positive change. We understand the potential of small ripples. Together, let us manifest unity and equality globally, one sip at a time.”

Every supporter of the virtual tea tasting session will receive a Blossom Gift Set by Us Two Tea consisting of 50g Osmanthus Oolong loose-leaf tea and 50g Jasmine loose-leaf tea. This unique set offers an authentic tea affair sourced from the Taiwanese tea mountains.

The virtual tea tasting activity will include a guided loose-leaf tea brewing session and a discussion of Asian tea experiences with the Asian tea brand founder Maggie Xue and team Activist Teahouse.

To participate in this unique tea experience, supporters can purchase Us Two Tea Blossom Tea Set and later sign up for the event. Blossom Tea Set (Osmanthus Oolong tea + Jasmine tea). Once the purchase is complete, buyers can join the tea tasting session scheduled for April 10th and support the Zheng family and AAPI communities. View entire range of products by visiting

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