US Senate Candidate Mark Pukita Announces Creation of Fund to Defend Ohio Senate Bill 22 Against DeWine Challenge

DUBLIN, OH, US, March 25, 2021 / — Yesterday Ohio’s Senate and House voted to override Governor Mike DeWine’s veto of Ohio Senate Bill 22 (SB-22). SB-22 limits new health orders to a maximum of 90-days. Orders can be amended or rescinded by the state legislature. The legislation was in response to what many GOP lawmakers saw as government overreach when it came to health orders issued during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mark Pukita, candidate for US Senate in 2022 representing Ohio, supports SB-22 believing the Ohio legislative bodies are a co-equal branch of government as stated in the Ohio Constitution. DeWine has opposed every attempt to curb his self-asserted, unilateral, authority. DeWine has used the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to grab unprecedented, unconstitutional power. Mark believes emergency orders were never intended to give a Governor unfettered rule.

DeWine will soon decide if he will challenge SB-22 in court. DeWine has stated he believes SB-22 could be unconstitutional. Mark Pukita believes SB-22 is constitutional. He believes DeWine should immediately end all emergency health orders and welcome future advice from the legislature, which speaks for the Great People of the Great State of Ohio.

Mark will create and support a fund to pay for legal costs if DeWine decides to contest the constitutionality of SB-22. Mark challenges his current and future opponents to join him in making statements in support of SB-22 and to financially support this fund.

Mark commits to personally donate $10,000 to defend SB-22.

Republican Primary Voters deserve to know where every current and future US Senate candidate stands on this important matter. Jane Timken, Josh Mandel, Steve Stivers, Mike Gibbons, J.D. Vance, and any other current or future candidate should clearly state where they stand on the validity of SB-22.

Personal freedom and destructive, unconstitutional, unilateral, mandates that have crippled small business are two of the most important issues confronting Republican Primary Voters. Mark Pukita supports SB-22 and will financially support defending a DeWine challenge to the law if contested in court. Mark Pukita challenges his current and future opponents to do the same.

Mark Pukita
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