Top Oncologist Dr. Nader Javadi of Hope Health Center to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2021 / — Nader Javadi is a doctor with a solid history and standing. He has more than 25 years of experience as a physician that included time as a generalist, a surgeon, and a specialist in Oncology. He is triple-Board-Certified – as an Internist, Hematologist, and Oncologist. For the past 18-plus years he has focused on fighting Cancer, with a depth of expertise and determination that are simply unmatched. This a primary reason he has consistently earned top honors as an Oncologist, with recognition coming from professional associations, other physicians, and numerous media.

During the 2020 shutdown, the clinic he established and runs in California (named Hope Health Center since it is frequently a patient’s last hope) was not able to close the way others did. Patients could not stay fixed in place when they needed to get their chemo, infusion therapy, and the multi-modality treatments that help combat Cancer.

“Don’t underestimate Cancer, not even in the early stages. We have to outsmart Cancer from the beginning,” Dr. Javadi says “When we deal with Cancer, we have to be very aggressive and have a good plan of attack.”

For Dr. Javadi, the plan to change Cancer from a fatality to a chronic disease has included some rather innovative therapies. Several of the novel approaches and combinations he tried years back have now become FDA standards. The key to success has been targeting, better known as Precision Oncology. It centers on identifying the gene drivers of the tumor and individual, then customizing treatments accordingly.

Dr. Javadi has proven such precise treatments make a difference in outcomes. Patients at Hope Health Center have demonstrated consistent improvement in longevity, quality of life; appetite, motility, and strength. He has treated Cancers of all types (such as brain, lung, and stomach) and at every stage, including a recent landmark case–Cancer of the adrenal gland (it is so rare there were hardly any case histories to draw from.)

In his series, Dr. Javadi will talk in-depth about his history and his many honors, which include being named Top Oncologist in the World by The International Association of Top Professionals. He will also tell us about the results he and his team have achieved with various Cancers, and even share testimonials from patients. You will be certain to hear them use the word “miracles.”

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Nader Javadi in interviews on Fridays, with both Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn, on April 9th, 16th, 23r and 30th, each at 2:00pm EDT

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