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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, March 30, 2021 / — A city of glamorous skyscrapers and exciting attractions, Dubai is an all-time favorite tourist spot for many across the globe. Having successfully achieved a careful balance between the old and the new, between traditional culture and modern technology, the city of Dubai welcomes its guests with open arms and an assortment of activities which they are bound to love.

Visitors can stroll along the Jumeirah Public Beach to watch the sunrise over the glimmering high-rises, or they can marvel at the magnificent sprawl of the city from a bird’s eye view while enjoying a hot air balloon ride. Or if they’re in the mood for a nice stress-busting shopping trip, there are several spectacular malls they can check out, such as the Dubai Mall or the Emirates Mall.

Here are some of the top ideas for those thinking of vacationing in Dubai:

Going on a dune buggy tour
Going on a dune buggy Dubai tour is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Dubai. By strapping themselves into dune buggies and quad bikes, visitors will be able to experience the breath-taking natural beauty of the Arabian desert with their own eyes. And if they’re lucky, they might even be able to glimpse the sun setting over the horizon!

The buggy companies rent out vehicles ranging from one-seater to four-seater quad bikes so that tourists can enjoy a solo ride through the sand dunes or they can enjoy the trip with their loved ones. During the safari, they will be provided with protective equipment and outfit, and refreshments by the buggy rental service. A friendly guide will also accompany the guests during their visit to advise them along the way and make sure that they have a safe and exciting adventure.

Easily one of the most thrilling activities imaginable, skydiving in Dubai is a special treat for adrenaline junkies. Soaring at about 13,000 ft above ground, tourists will be able to see the stunning view of the city and the wide-spread sand dunes of the Arabian desert. Dubai welcomes both first-timers looking to cross off skydiving from their bucket list and experienced flyers wanting to test their skills out.

Jet skiing
Another way to experience the incredible sights of Dubai is to go on a jet ski tour around all of the city’s finest high-rise buildings and attractions. Some of the iconic places that tourists might see during the ride include the skyscraper Burj Khalifa, the luxury hotel resort Atlantis, The Palm, as well as the Dubai Marina Skyline and Burj Al-Arab. Visitors can jet ski with their family or friends, and they can also go on solo tours. Amongst these marine activities, they can also try out flyboarding and even kite tubing. In fact, there’s a whole beach known as “Kite Beach” in Dubai dedicated to such marine sports.

Going on a hot air balloon ride
For those visiting the area sometime around October till the start of the summer season, going on a hot air balloon ride should be a definite item on their travel bucket list. There are several travel and adventure companies within the region offering these rides. Along with enjoying the fresh air thousands of feet above the ground, travelers will also enjoy the lovely view of the Arabian Desert.

After the flight ends, visitors might even get to further roam the beautiful sand dunes in old vintage Land Rovers. And to top it all off, there will be a gourmet breakfast in an authentic desert setting for visitors to enjoy once they finish exploring the area.

Visiting the underwater world at Dubai Aquarium
Situated on the ground floor of Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium is a massive suspended tank home to a whopping 140 different marine life species. Once tourists have made their purchases from the mall, they can drop by this aquarium and meander through the tunnels, which provide a mesmerizing 270-degree view of the sea life all around them.

Visitors can also go on glass-bottom boat tours to view the tank from beneath their feet, or if they’re feeling particularly adventurous, they can go cage snorkeling and even shark diving to get a closer look at these marine species. These species include Sand Tiger Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks as well as Stingrays.

Continuing further into the aquarium, visitors will enter the Underwater Zoo, which will guide them through three zones; Rainforest, Rocky Shore, and Living Ocean. They will meet even more amazing aquatic creatures such as otters, jellyfish, seahorses, and even crocodiles in this area.

Visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden
Described by many as “heaven on earth”, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-visit place for any nature lover. With more than 150 million plants and flowers in full bloom, this 72,000-sq-m garden is home to some of the most impressive and picturesque flower structures and displays.

One of the most outstanding displays in this garden is the eighteen-meter high flower structure of Mickey Mouse, which has won a Guinness record for the World’s Largest Topiary Structure. Disney fans will also find other familiar characters from Disney World, including Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto the Pup. All in all, this garden is definitely unlike any visitors have ever seen before.

Enjoying nature at the Dubai Butterfly Garden
Another garden that visitors should visit during their vacation is the Dubai Butterfly Garden. Situated right next to the Miracle Garden, this park proclaims to be the “World’s Largest Covered Butterfly Garden”. It houses around 15,000 butterflies of over 50 varieties of butterflies in various colors and sizes.

These beautiful winged creatures often land on the visitors’ hands and shoulders, giving them an excellent chance to view them close-up. There’s also a Butterfly Museum within the park that features the creative artworks of professional artisans using real butterflies. Visitors can even grab a special butterfly souvenir from the store located right at the garden’s entrance next to the museum.

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