Toggl Hire’s Recruitment Software Helps HR Teams Hire Talent Faster

An industry leader in helping employers find the best candidates to hire has developed a tool to help companies hire top talent faster.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 1, 2021 / — Representatives with Toggl Hire announced today that its recruitment software helps HR teams hire talent faster.

“Screen candidates faster, improve candidate experience, and boost employer brandingwith Toggl Hire,” said Alari Aho, CEO, and co-founder of Toggl Hire.
In addition, Aho revealed that the recruitment tool for startups cuts hiring time by 86%.

“Toggl Hire is truly a game-changer,” Aho said.

Aho explained that with Toggl Hire, startups can identify top talent in no time, by letting the skills tests reveal them for you instead of drowning in resumes.

“Everyone prefers a 20-minute test to a two-hour assessment,” Aho said before adding, “It’s easy to set-up. You can create a skills test in two clicks. There’s no learning curve, just simple-to-use software. And it integrates easily and allows you to use it with your other ATS tools like Greenhouse and Workable.”

But that’s not all. Its recruitment software helps remote companies screen out underqualified candidates in record time and grow their teams effortlessly.

“Our recruitment software gives you the ability to quickly identify your best candidates, and shortlist your top 5% from thousands of applicants with confidence.

Aho explained that with its recruitment software, companies can save hundreds of hours sifting through resumes and instead filter candidates by their skill test score to instantly reveal the strongest contenders. “Anyone can embellish a resume. But skills test results speak for themselves,” he added. “This enables employers to hold fewer but more meaningful interviews, focusing on candidates’ attitude, cultural fit, and career aspirations instead of technical skills.”

“You can shortlist the best candidates with one click based on relevant skills,” Aho said.

The skills test, according to Aho, is designed for subject experts and non-experts alike, and noted that there is no need for external recruiters.

Here’s how it works: Users select the job role they’re hiring for, and Toggl Hire’s software automatically generates a skills test for the most relevant skills. For example, if you’re hiring a digital marketer, the test will test general performance marketing knowledge, Facebook and Google Ads knowledge, and how comfortable candidates are analyzing KPIs from a set of data. As candidates pour in, the employer can sort them by test score. Candidates get instant feedback on their results – a massive contributor to Toggl Hire’s popularity among candidates.

“It literally couldn’t be simpler,” Aho stressed. “Our smart skills tests can help you screen thousands of candidates instantly, guarantee quality candidates, and hire with ease and confidence,” Aho said. “You can watch the best talent rise to the top of the pack in one click,” Aho said.

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