Tina Walker of Dignity Life and End of Life Coaching to be Featured on Close Up Radio

BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — No matter how much we may want to avoid or accept it, death is inevitably part of life. The grief and pain that accompanies losing our loved ones or our own lives is the toughest challenge we face, and so naturally we prefer to avoid talking about it. Yet discussing our impending deaths may be the key to approaching it with calmness and help us create a plan of action, leave behind a legacy and wonderful memories, and make it easier for loved ones. This can present setbacks and frustration that’s why a professional Life Coach is the most optimal solution to help us deal effectively and find closure and peace.

Tina is a Professional Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, End of life coach, Doula, and owner and founder of Dignity Life and End of Life Coaching.

“As we age, fear and anxiety about living and dying significantly increase so working as both a Life Coach and End of Life Coach allows me to provide individuals with a supportive and safe space for when they are facing apprehension, uneasiness, and trepidation about living and dying,” says Tina. “When they have that support and a non-judgmental listening ear to help them navigate the dying process and I offer the right tools to address their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.”

Having trained as a Physical therapist in the United Kingdom, much of Tina’s work was devoted to working in the ICU dealing with dying pat. Realizing how urgently we need to openly discuss end of life with individuals especially those struggling in their final days, she launched her End of Life Doula Coaching practice and has become one of the most sought after coaches known for her calming presence leading her clients through the emotional journey together with healing and peace.

Most recently, Tina also became certified as a Life Coach because she says as we understand our own mortality it brings us to the present moment and we live life more fully, more mindfully, and with gracious positivity. Now she has also devoted herself to working with all individuals looking for a Life Coach, mainly with those in mid-life, to navigate aging with grace, dignity, and to get the most of everyday life.

Her Life coaching program is specifically geared towards any age group, but mainly those in mid-life like baby boomers experiencing transition, such as a career change, going through a divorce, getting unstuck, and experiencing a time of self-reflection, one that is joy-filled and purposeful.

“As a coach, I’m not healing or treating you, I’m a catalyst for you to achieve whatever you wish, to be happier and more balanced, so you can question and explore new possibilities,” says Tina. “By offering you my practical solution-focused tools and inspiration to envision things in a different way, from a fresh perspective, you can dig deep to find the answers within because we all have the wisdom inside us but we are not aware and coaching helps us find that and move forward.”

With her end of life coaching, it may not be for those who are terminally ill but perhaps an individual in their 60’s planning retirement or simply assessing where and with who do they wish to spend their golden years.

The fact is, most of us, even as we get older, prefer not to think about death, much less discuss it with loved ones. But coaching individuals coming to terms with the end of life allows them to make their wishes clear and leave behind a treasured legacy; perhaps letters or videos, perhaps planning their own funeral, would they wish to be surrounded by flowers, music, their beloved pets, and loved ones. The dying process becomes easier, more accepting, and comforting.

Working with Tina as your Life Coach, you discover that redefining yourself is an exciting journey and the answers are within you to help you achieve whatever you desire.

For Tina, her life Coaching embraces the positivity of what’s next to come in the next phase of our lives. Because living life where death is inevitable and unexpected and being the best version of ourselves matters deeply.

“When we live at a higher vibrational level with joy, love, and gratitude our thoughts become more positive,” says Tina. “Coaching helps gain the most out of life so even when things aren’t good we have coping skills, resilience, and can more readily live in alignment joyfully and ready for change and new opportunities.”

According to Tina, what keeps us stagnant in life and as we face our immortality is fear. Fear is like a mist, she says, but as we overcome fear the mist dissipates and we can propel forward so it is critical to face our fears to maximize our potential to the fullest.

One of the most significant things she learned from working with dying patients is how life is moment by moment, and with her heart-centered approach, Tina helps her clients tap into their inner wisdom and help them fully process of grieving for those approaching death.

“Step into your power and trust that the universe has your back when things feel challenging these are lessons to gain strength,” says Tina. “There’s nothing like spending a lot of time working with death to make one fully alive and I discovered my own life through working with these amazing individuals and at the end of our lives we can say we have done our best.”

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