Timeshare Owner Justice Revolutionary Program for Timeshare Cancellation

Timeshare Owners who were misled with false promises can get HELP!

BOULDER, COLORADO, USA, March 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Timeshare Owner Justice provides a fast and effective way to exit timeshare contracts that were sold based on fraudulent misrepresentations. In a rapidly changing world with easy access to online sites like Expedia and AirBnB, a timeshare is no longer necessary to ensure great and affordable vacations. Many owners feel “stuck” and unable to “cancel their contracts.” Timeshare Owner Justice stands alone among timeshare exit companies because they have developed a revolutionary and aggressive strategy. They have been hailed as one of the best timeshare exit companies. Timeshare owners who were “scammed and misled” have a 100% guaranteed option to successfully exit their timeshare obligation and maintenance contracts for good, referred to as “timeshare cancellation.” Over the past few years, Timeshare Owner Justice’s exit team of advocates and legal professionals have figured out how to “crack the code” by utilizing specific consumer protections as well as exerting a pressure campaign on the agencies and entities that oversee and regulate the industry in order to force the timeshare companies to engage in fair negotiation and release the obligation.

“91% of timeshare buyers are not happy with their purchase and believe that misrepresentations were made to entice them to buy by pushy and aggressive salespeople who misled them with false promises that this is a great investment for them and their family,” states Lead Case Analyst Ryan Williams. “People don’t realize that these transactions lock them into a lifetime contract with the timeshare company that will be passed down to their heirs. These aggressive salespeople typically target Sr. Citizens, who are often on a fixed income and the most vulnerable to their pitch,” says Williams.

This happened to the mother of the founder of Timeshare Owner Justice. She is a senior citizen who used to enjoy traveling and using her timeshare, but due to health issues she began trying to exit her timeshare. However, when she called the major developer to request an exit from her contract, they misled her and convinced her that the way to get out of the timeshare agreement was to upgrade her unit and spend MORE MONEY. Due to her memory issues, she did not truly understand that she was ADDING to her debt instead of taking steps towards exiting the contract. This is how the timeshare industry works—for the sales representatives and the developers but not for the consumer. Timeshare Owner Justice knows that there are thousands of timeshare owners who have been scammed by the resorts, but also timeshare EXIT companies. People are looking for a way out and/or help with refunds for services not performed. That is why Timeshare Owner Justice was created.

Their goal is to obtain JUSTICE for timeshare owners just like the founder’s mom. Timeshare developers have taken advantage of too many people who were coerced and seduced into lifetime agreements through misrepresentation. Timeshare Owner Justice will advocate and obtain JUSTICE for their clients. They’ll get them out of their timeshare agreements. Guaranteed!

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