Things to know when buying glasses online

There is nothing wrong with being a shopaholic. I buy things all the time and with the advent of window shopping, I must admit that my addiction has got a little out of hand. Now I buy my favourite outfits and footwear without stepping out of my house. Don’t you judge me! Who doesn’t like comfort huh? 

While I know a bunch of people who are like me, I also know a few folks who shy away from buying things online. I mean they would buy clothes, accessories, and even groceries from virtual stores, but they are not so much up for it when it comes to eyeglasses. Even some of you might feel the same.

Since I am an eyewear enthusiast myself and most of my frames are by the courtesy of online eyewear brands, I don’t understand the hesitation behind buying spectacles online. 

Just to settle the issue once and for all, I am here to tell you the 7 most important things to consider when you buy glasses online. 

Update your eye prescription 

Wonder what’s the first thing that you will need to buy glasses. If you need vision correction and glasses aren’t simply an accessory for you, then you first need to have a prescription. 

The validity of prescription in adults is 2 years whereas, in young people, it may change in just a year. So if you haven’t visited your optometrist in a long while, now is a perfect time. Get an eye exam, take your latest prescription and get a new frame for yourself.

However, if you are looking to buy reading glasses online, you won’t need a prescription. All you will need is magnification strength. Even when you buy them from a local store, you can just try a couple of reading glasses and see which one helps you see the clearest.

Measure your pupillary distance 

Pupillary distance is the distance between your pupils. The centre of your lenses should fall in front of your pupils if you aim to see clearly through the lenses.

Your PD is mentioned on the prescription paper given by the optometrist. If you don’t get your PD written on the prescription, ask for it. Opticians often do that so you would buy glasses from them rather than buy cheap glasses online

But you can also measure your PD yourself with a mirror and a ruler. Some websites also have a tool where you just have to take a snap of your face and discover your PD.

Choose a frame that fits 

Now comes the style part. And I am not talking about picking the right colour or style (although they are important too), I am talking about the right size. 

You probably don’t want your glasses to fall off your face as you lean down, do you? You can take the help of your current glasses to get the right facial measurement. Go for anti-slip adjustable nose pads so your glasses fit better on your face. 

If you want your frame to flatter your face shape (which I assume you do), go for a style that’s opposite to your natural aesthetics. For instance, if your features are curvy, go for an angular style. Consider your facial measurements, features and lifestyle to get the best designer glasses online

Choose the lens coatings

Your glasses are more than just vision and fashion. If you choose the right lens coatings, you will get the most out of your purchase. While some brands give these protective coatings for free, some might charge for them. 

So before you choose an online retailer, check what’s their take on these add-ons. To help you with the basics, Anti-UV, Anti-Reflective and Anti-Scratch are the most important ones for your lenses. Other coatings may depend on your lifestyle habits. For example, if you are also an avid internet user like me, consider a blue light coating to keep digital eye strain at bay. 

Virtual try-on

It all comes down to how your selected frame looks on your face. You will find a virtual mirror on most webshops which help you see the final look. However, some retailers have taken the comfort level up a notch and offer a set of frames to help you people try on glasses at home. You can check the frame material, weigh and style in person and also find out if the frame suits you in person.

Get going

Now that you have a basic understanding of what points to keep in mind for online eyewear shopping, I think you are good to go. No matter where you choose to get your glasses from, find out what each retailer provides and then make a smart decision. Here’s to the clearer and stylish days ahead!

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