The world’s first electric scooter LEOWAY 2WD with innovative Control Module

LEOWAY 2WD eScooter – Lightest, Powerful, Safely!

i-2WD Control Module automatically activates the front motor for a reliable and safe ride

i-2WD Control Module identifies when one wheel is spinning significantly more, will apply brakes it slightly, and power transfer to the motor which still has grip

LEOWAY 2WD eScooter combines the main advantages of a single motor e-scooter (lightweight, high mileage) and a dual-motor e-scooter (powerful, safe riding).

LEOWAY 2WD eScooter – E-King of the Urban Jungle!”

— Leoway Team

NETHERLANDS, April 3, 2021 / — E-Lab Leoway, an electronics company based in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, announced the launch of a campaign for its latest product: the LEOWAY 2WD eScooter. Jam-packed with multiple features crafted for riders of all skill sets, the eScooter is bound to excite consumers with its state-of-the-art dual-motor.

Early fans won’t have to wait long, either: The LEOWAY’s Indiegogo campaign has successfully earned over €38,000 to date, with the final product’s delivery expected to occur in June 2021.

The LEOWAY eScooter is one of the lightest dual-motor scooters out there! The LEOWAY is only 18kg / 40lbs.

And being light doesn’t make it weak. The LEOWAY can hold up to 120kg / 264lbs and travel roughly 90km /56miles per charge.

It’s not just light, it’s also powerful – this scooter is capable of reaching 45kmh / 28mph! And when we say light, we mean it.

The perks are endless. The battery is removable and charges separately, and it only takes three hours to get a full charge. That means you’ll be back out on the street in no time!

It’s a pretty cool look too, black and red, sure to impress anyone you pass.

With the LEOWAY 2WD eScooter, you get the best of both worlds.

Thanks to the campaign’s success, backers will also receive a free cellphone holder, carrying handle, and side mirrors to make their eScooter complete.

Fans can still reserve their very own LEOWAY 2WD for €419 on Indiegogo at a 47% discount: A bargain price for a premium product!

Campaign LEOWAY 2WD eScooter on Indiegogo:

E-Lab Leoway

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