The World’s First Customer Value Optimization Academy Is Launching in April 2021

Join the CVO Academy and become a certified Customer Value Optimization Expert

Join the CVO Academy and become a certified Customer Value Optimization Expert

CVO Academy Instructors

CVO Academy Instructors

Customer Value Optimization (CVO) Academy Logo

Customer Value Optimization (CVO) Academy Logo

Nine world-renowned eCommerce experts partner to launch the first CVO Academy, an online educational platform for eCommerce owners, professionals and agencies.

It’s not about how many customers you acquire. It’s about how many profitable customers you manage to keep. CLV is the North Star Metric in eCommerce. And we’re going to teach you how to reach it.”

— Valentin Radu, CEO at Omniconvert

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, April 7, 2021 / — The eCommerce world is getting more competitive each year and success is rapidly tilting towards customer-centric companies.

While Amazon records retention rates reaching as high as 90%, eCommerce stores on average are lagging behind at a mere 23%. eCommerce businesses need a new way of generating sustainable growth – and that way is through increasing Customer Lifetime Value – something that most eCommerce professionals never even acknowledge.

This is where the Customer Value Optimization(CVO) Academy comes in, bridging the gap between the overly theoretical academic eCommerce courses and the nitty-gritty tactics-driven eCommerce reality.

The CVO Academy is an educational platform founded by Omniconvert, available online starting April 6th, 2021 with its first program, the CVO Expert Certification Course. It includes over 10 hours of practical video lessons from 9 world-class instructors and more than 12 tools and resources to help students prepare for the certification and develop their CVO Knowledge.

“Many eCommerce stores and retailers are being tricked into the idea that customer acquisition is the only thing that matters. However, the imminent extinction of 3rd party cookies and the fierce competition are now forcing these companies to become customer-centric or disappear. When we started this program, there wasn’t any course that could teach professionals everything there is to know about Customer Lifetime Value – from marketing to product, to customer experience. So we combined our forces with world-class Instructors, wrote the CVO playbook and we are now launching the most in-depth educational program focused on Customer Value Optimization. Our goal is to help businesses take immediate action based on the practical advice we’ve included in our program, in a world where the traditional academic environment can’t keep up with what’s happening in the market.” said Valentin Radu, founder of the CVO Academy and CEO of Omniconvert.

The need for a course that focuses on improving Customer Lifetime Value and Retention is supported by findings in Omniconvert’s eCommerce Benchmark Report. Data compiled in April 2021 from 1000+ e-stores in different industries using Omniconvert REVEAL shows that:

– eCommerce retention rate is only 23% – so eCommerce Stores lose more than 3 quarters of their customers in the first year
– on average, the most loyal and valuable customers make up only 4% of a store’s total customers but generate as much as 20% of the total revenue
– 27% of customers are imminently going to leave a store for the competition, which means a 20% loss in revenue
– acquisition costs are rising year on year in all industries

The complete list of the nine instructors with the main subjects they cover in the CVO course is:

Valentin Radu – Customer Value Optimization
Bob Moesta – Jobs To Be Done Methodology
Val Geisler – Email Strategy
Karl Gillis – CRO & Company Culture
Chase Dimond – Email Tactics
Juliana Jackson – Customer Segmentation
Dennis Yu – Acquisition Tactics
Julia Whatley – Customer Support
Cristi Movila – Collaborative Ecommerce

The course is suitable for eCommerce entrepreneurs and specialists who want to apply the CVO methodology for their online store and any professional interested in increasing Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Retention in eCommerce. Every student that graduates the CVO Course needs to demonstrate full capability, knowledge and skill in the CVO Methodology and will receive a CVO Expert Certificate that is recognized worldwide.

“The eCommerce marketing space has become an echo chamber for bad advice when it comes to growth tactics. A reason for that is the acquisition-focused mindset that has been growing insanely in the last 10 years. Right now we are experiencing the biggest switch in marketing ever where the brand owners, agencies, consultants or other professionals in the space need to go back to basics and focus more on understanding consumers, their buying behavior and delivering undeniable experiences to them throughout their journey with the brand. Customer experience is your product,” said Juliana Jackson, Chief Evangelist at Omniconvert also known in the eCommerce world as The CLV Lady.

To learn more about the CVO course and get access to the program, visit the CVO Academy website:

About Omniconvert
Omniconvert is a global SaaS company that empowers eCommerce stores worldwide to achieve customer-centricity and transform this approach to business into a source of sustainable growth. The two major products the company currently focuses on are REVEAL, their Customer Value Optimization (CVO) platform, and EXPLORE, their Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) platform. In addition to the software solutions, Omniconvert shows its commitment to helping eCommerce companies through various initiatives: the CVO Academy, an educational platform that helps people become certified CVO experts, numerous free resources such as the Real-Time eCommerce Benchmark Report, podcasts united under the Ecommerce Growth Stories umbrella, or in-depth guides on CVO and CRO.

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