“The ‘Real’ Criminals of Nevada: Based on A True Story”, available for pre-order now, set to go on sale April 30, 2021

“I had never been exposed to that type of corruption, I am afraid for my life…..”

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Emerald Wilson-Bey pens book number three with, “The ‘Real’ Criminals of Nevada: Based on A True Story”, available for pre-order now, set to go on sale April 30, 2021 at midnight. Author Emerald Wilson-Bey takes a sharp left with book number three, for the first time the subject is Politics.

The three-time, non-fiction author, known for telling brazen true stories, steps forward and does it again. This time she puts a microscope to the likes of City of Las Vegas and State of Nevada government officials. And it is not long before, through the help of some of the country’s best private investigators around, both “pro” and “amateur”, does the author uncover an open practice of judicial corruption in Nevada’s government’s daily business practices. Even taking shots at Las Vegas District Attorney’s office and head Steve Wolfson, Joseph Lombardo and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, FBI Las Vegas’s Special Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse, Steve Sisolak, Nevada’s Governor, Elisa Cafferata, current head of the state’s Equal Rights Commission, Eric Dobberstein, President of the Nevada Bar Association, both Henderson and Las Vegas Justice Courts, Aaron Ford, the state’s Attorney General and a slew of others. Such as Judges Melissa Saragosa, Anne Zimmerman, David Brown, to name a few. Emerald even decided to target who she described as “under links” such as reporters like Vanessa Murphy, David Charn, Darlene Gentry, and the company’s they work for like KTNV, KLAS, Review Journal, Nevada Current and others.

The book is said to include standard text, but over 100 images of corroborative evidence to support each allegation. The author cites that she attempted to file civil suits against each of the subjects mentioned and in an unprecedented show of civil rights and constitutional rights violations, her suits were illegally deleted from the court system and the fees refunded back to her, a total of nine times. An action she says was done to “keep what’s going on quiet”. The book goes on to share that it will not disappoint, and that it will not hold back either. Emerald even shares her own story of being conspired against in Nevada, repeated attempts to frame the author for frivolous criminal charges, repeated visits from Las Vegas PD, constant harassment ordered by government officials to retaliate against her for “fighting back”, even at her home. Even accusing FBI Agent Rouse of falsifying evidence for probable cause to get fake warrants to violate her privacy in order to protect the corruption and thwart her efforts and even going so far as to tamper with her FOIPA requests. “When I discovered everything and put it all together, I was so mad I wanted to go on a killing spree… but I said calm down, Em, you can do this, since they’re already breaking the law, all you have to do is to continue to not to break the law and you can get justice for your family!”. She goes on to call Attorney General Aaron Ford a “in-house slave” and accuses him of encouraging other African Americans in government roles and local positions to “bow down” to the predominately White led government in Nevada, even insisting that they turn their backs against obvious prejudice and racial injustices carried out against other African Americans, “have you noticed that there is not one African American civil rights attorney in Nevada? What does that tell you?”, she goes on to accuse Ford of being in a “shell position without power for pay”. The author also claims that while they were seeking information on these topics they casually stumbled upon other evidence, such as drug use, alcoholism, affairs with prostitutes and misappropriation of government funds. Loaded with factual accounts and supporting evidence, this book will knock your socks off, you have never seen corruption and criminal activity amongst the law like this!

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