The Making Of CTB – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling

Story of Life, Love, Selling, Adversity & Passion

We have always been selling wrong. We lacked transparency and integrity in our process.” We have been in the position of maneuvering and manipulating resistance rather than cutting through it.”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 8, 2021 / — Over thirty years ago, Edward Henry, now a career sales professional, author, and founder of Edward Henry Company, decided to take on the challenge of a career in the growing and ever-changing sales industry. Although he learned the skills of selling quite early, his journey to success did not come without mistakes, losses, drastic changes, and realizations. Because of his experiences, both positive and negative and due to the hardship and obstacles that he overcame, Edward developed and wrote his newly published book CTB – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling.

CTB (Cut The Bullsh*t) is innovative, inspiring, and unlike any other sales guide on the market today. The making of CTB did not only come from Edward’s desire to improve aspects of the sales industry but also from reflecting on the experiences of some of the most important relationships in his life. CTB discusses the common mistakes and learnings that salespeople experience and brings a direct selling approach and innovation to the field that will increase sales and grow careers. Edward’s writing is informative but more importantly, you will find his personal failures and successes throughout his journey as a sales professional highly relatable. Edward’s Selling Honest solution while finding passion and achieving the extra-ordinary is just the beginning of what CTB has to offer all selling professionals.

After taking on many sales-related roles, Edward knew he could build on his experiences and successes to create something that was truly exceptional. He decided to start his own business (Edward Henry Company) to train individuals on how to sell effectively and developed a system that transforms the sales process for not only salespeople but their clients and other sales experts. While growing and developing his business, Edward experienced a loss that completely turned his life upside down. In his book he goes into detail as he describes his journey through “one of the worst challenges in my life.” He is completely honest and straightforward with his readers as he illustrates how this loss affected his business, motives, and physical health. Edward centers the majority of his personal and professional transformation on his relationship with one special woman. His wife Joy became the one person that helped him to not only recover from his loss but guided and supported him as he found his purpose and passion again.

Joy encouraged him to be the person he was meant to be all along. With a 55-pound weight loss in a year, a change in habits, and completely scrapping his selfishness in regard to personal motivations, Edward transformed not only his personal life but also his career and business goals. It is evident that CTB is surrounded by the importance of real communication, engagement, and creating valuable relationships in your personal life, all of these translate to behaviors and practices in your career. Edward speaks on the immense value of relationships and does not hold back as he talks about sales, careers, and his own personal growth on the journey to creating his Sell Honest Program.

Selling Honest and CTB are what is required for all salespeople. Whether you’re considering beginning a career in sales or you want to expand your skills and knowledge and become more successful in your field, this selling system is for you. No one is alone in their struggles or mistakes. Sales professionals need one simple, direct, and straightforward solution to grow their sales and excel in their endeavors.
Learn more about what it means to Sell Honest, the Five Rules & Five Steps to selling honest, and everything you need to know to grow beyond your potential. Find your passion and achieve your extra-ordinary.

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