The Future of Learning is in Virtual Reality Combined with Blockchain, NFTs and the Decentralized Web

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NFT’s move beyond art, music and sports to the world of digital learning. Avrilar to use the Butterfly Protocol to tokenize learning for users lifetime control.

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2021 / — AVRILAR, Inc. announced today that it is creating the next generation of learning competence by improving its Virtual Reality (VR) device, content and learning management platform to add blockchain and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for individual data management. Working with the Butterfly Protocol, AVRILAR will allow users to enable storage capability for their data in the decentralized web using Butterfly’s naming system and open-source toolset. Data sets will be tokenized and stored as part of the NFT component that is core to the Butterfly Protocol structure.

This past year marked a turning point for learning as students had to turn toward more screen time than physical face time. Covid-19 will have an impact for generations and became a game-changer for learning as it is known today. Recent studies have shown that the average student may have lost over a third and up to a full year’s worth of reading skills and more in math for those schools closed since March of 2020. Meanwhile, numerous studies around using VR in the classroom and within corporate training departments continue to show that experiences become more deeply embedded in the memory for better recall and overall learning competence compared to other forms of digital learning.

By tokenizing data sets, owners of that data will be able to monetize their learning by enabling a personalized dashboard within AVRILAR. They can then allow their data to be added automatically to research projects or other uses and be rewarded for their participation. Or they can opt out of all or part of access to their data. Once added to the decentralized web, a user’s data can be available forever without the need for paying ongoing access subscriptions. It lives in the distributed web.

Eddie Quiroz, Co-founder of AVRILAR stated that “Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) have exploded in popularity this year, with NFT artworks selling for millions of dollars and allowing artists and musicians to monetize their digital assets. AVRILAR is bringing this to a new sector for everyone to participate while realizing the value of improving our educational system at the same time. We live in a time of great opportunity and positive disruption and we see the Butterfly Protocol as core to our path forward.”

The Founder of BProto, Josh Robinson who is also the Chief Architect of the Butterfly Protocol commented that “learning is being revolutionized by firms like AVRILAR and their use of virtual reality. The Butterfly Protocol is creating a pathway for all people to realize the benefits of having their data stored and accessible via the decentralized web. Once added, the data can never be removed by an arbitrary decision maker or centralized authority. This truly gives the power to the people.”

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