The Everest Foundation Helps Fund Telephone Angels Program in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 / — Dr. Michael Everest and the team at The Everest Foundation are all about giving back to the community. While they are well-known for their non-profit work with advanced medical research, they have decided to branch out and collaborate with Project Angel Food for their latest charitable project. This time they decided to focus on mental health awareness, an important cause.

These two non-profits have come together to help out people who may be feeling isolated and alone during the pandemic. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and Dr. Michael Everest wants to make sure everyone has someone to speak to so they don’t feel as lonely. This is why they have decided to start the Telephone Angels Program.

What Is The Telephone Angels Program?

The Telephone Angels Program was originally started in April 2020 by the team at Project Angels Food. They are a nonprofit organization from Los Angeles that provides medically tailored food for people who are living with critical illnesses. When they started the Telephone Angels Program, their goal was to make sure people no longer felt isolated.

Many volunteers from Project Angels Food were excited to help out with the Telephone Angels Program. This program pairs up one of the volunteers with a client who has identified as feeling alone. Every week the volunteer will call the client over the phone for a social check-in. Clients will get a call once or twice a week, depending on their situation.

This project isn’t meant to offer the clients advice. The volunteers at Telephone Angels Program are there to be a friend for their clients. They are not qualified to be giving out medical or psychological advice. When they check in with clients, they are simply doing this to offer social assistance to those that need a friend to chat with.

A surprising number of people are feeling alone, and it can be hard for them to reach out to people in order to make friends. They are human beings who deserve companionship, and this service will get them in touch with someone that’s happy to provide them with social check-ins.

How The Everest Foundation Is Helping the Telephone Angels Program

Dr. Michael Everest was inspired by the cause of the Telephone Angels Program. He wanted to make sure this program was able to get all the necessary resources to continue providing these social check-ins. The Everest Foundation recently donated $50,000 to the Telephone Angels Program to help keep them going.

This money will be able to help them expand the program. One great thing about this program is that it has also had a very positive effect on the mood and mental health of the volunteers. Many have claimed helping out every week has been a huge mood booster for them. It’s just as important to keep this program going for the volunteers as it is for the clients.

However, it’s important that the volunteers are taking their role seriously. This is why advanced training and recruitment for reliable volunteers is necessary. The money that the Everest Foundation provided will help cover all the costs for proper training. This donation has made so many things possible for the team running the Telephone Angels Program.

The Everest Foundation was happy to support such an important cause. More people need the help provided by the Telephone Angels Program than they originally realized. Every time they pick up that phone, they are making a positive impact in their client’s lives. When two great foundations come together, miracles can happen.

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