The End of Technophobia; Closing The Digital Divide

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Tracy Sheen – author of The End of Technophobia

The End Of Technopobia – ending the digital divide

The End of Technophobia is a practical guide to digitising your business that provides every small business owner with practical, no nonsense steps.

You can’t solve a digital overwhelm problem with digital solutions.”

— Tracy Sheen

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, March 24, 2021 / — For many small business Gen Xers, digital marketing fills them with dread and author Tracy Sheen’s new book is their solution to overcoming technophobia and embracing their inner geek.

Tracy said there is a significant digital divide globally where small business owners are being left behind. “All because they are overwhelmed by technology. Resolving the overwhelm is good for the global economy, it closes the digital divide, increases the chances for small businesses to grow and employ additional people,” she said.

Her book The End of Technophobia: a practical guide to digitising your business provides every small business owner with practical, no nonsense steps they can immediately incorporate into business. As an added bonus there are simple to follow guidelines for finding trustworthy contractors and people to assist them in digitising their business.

After decades of working with thousands of business owners who have no idea on how to get a website, what a CRM is or that they can run a business with a Facebook page, the issue came to a head during COVID.

“Trying to navigate building a business through traditional means – word of mouth and face to face – didn’t cut it last year,” Tracy said. “The move to working remotely, with a web presence and to ‘pivot’ to have an online offering showed how far behind many Gen Xers are.”

“Unlike younger generations, small business owners in the 40 – 60 year age group did not grow up with any kind of technology. Everything had a manual process and marketing a business was typically based around local word of mouth or traditional media.

“Many people within this age group feel as though the digital revolution has happened to them, passing them over and leaving them completely overwhelmed where to start as a result. They struggle with understanding the role digital marketing plays in their business, how they could increase their productivity through digitisation or reach new and emerging markets.”

PwC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) modelling estimates small businesses could unlock more than $49 billion of private sector output over a decade by adopting better use of mobile and internet technologies.

Tracy is a big believer that assisting small businesses to digitise their business will have significant flow on effects for the economy at large and improve our standing in the global market. “Yet, many small business owners continue to delay or ignore the digital opportunities available to them,” she said.

“You can’t solve a digital overwhelm problem with digital solutions. People want old school methods, like the book or in person training. If business wants to be competitive, they have to digitise.

“The other challenges, aside from not knowing where to start, are the business owner doesn’t know who to trust when seeking guidance, they don’t have the time to do what is needed to ‘go digital’ and feel digitising their business is cost prohibitive.”

Tracy Sheen
The Digital Guide
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