The 8 Best Research Paper Writing Services for students from USA, Canada and UK

There are 8 the best Research Paper Writing Services in USA, Canada, UK: 99Papers, PaperHelp, EssayFactory, GradeMiners, EssayBox, Edubirdie, PenCamp and 1Essay

UNITED STATES, April 9, 2021 / — Writing your paper can be a hassle especially if you have never written one before it is for this reason that research paper services started. What these sites do is help students to come up with research paper that reflects their understanding if whatever topic they are tackling. These sites can help a student formulate paper form scratch or even write one up for their student to see as inspiration. In the long run, the student gets to know who to write an essay and can submit a good research paper.

Some of these sites work in the US alone while there are those that work across borders. Knowing about all these will come in handy when are making your choice of writing site. These few pointers will come in handy for you.


One of the tip ranked writing services is 99papers. Many clients who have used this services before have nothing but good words to stay about the service. They come highly recommended for many people.


If you have an assignment that is due, and do not know what to do about it. These are the people to reach out to. They can help the student come up with an original essay especially when they are pressed for time.

The EssayFactory is another great place to check if one is looking for original essays on short notice. They have an amazing team of writers working around the clock to deliver on quality work.

GradeMiners are a team of professionals who have been in business for a while. They have a team of over 3500 writers so a client does not have to worry about their essay not being done in time. They have been able to record over 98% customer satisfaction which goes a long way to show just how good they are. They offer many of their services in ESL but they also offer ENL on request.

If you are looking for a legitimate writing service the EssayBox is the place to be. They deliver on quality at an affordable price. Since they have been in business for a while, you can rest assured that they will deliver quality services for you.

Edubirdie is a great place to get original essays, and other services as well. They offer plagiarism checkers and ghostwriting as well. They also offer jobs to freelance writers with how right qualifications.

If you are in search for high quality academic essays then PenCamp is the place to be. They have been known to deliver quality essays with no plagiarism. They also offer great discounts for their clients. Their discount rates go up to 20% on selected orders.

1Essay service offer the best rates when it comes to doing essays. They are by far the cheapest service you can find in the market. They guarantee a value for money and authentic essays for anyone who needs them.

What is Research Paper Writing?

Research papers and essays differ from all other forms of writing in the sense that more research is done on the topic. The papers does not just talk about the topic but also goes ahead to bring up analytics based on the topic. Where need be, there are citations from scholarly articles talking about the same topic.

Many people find this hard to do and that is why they use the services of writing companies. These companies have been doing research on various topics for a while now. They know the ins and outs when it comes to writing the perfect paper and will work to ensure that the paper turns out exactly that way.
Another difference between articles and research papers is, the facts have to be verified. In case there is a source that has been used in the working of the paper, it has to be verified. One cannot just take information from a random site and use it as facts. Research papers are meant to educate and inform and that is why accuracy is very important.

Characteristics of a research paper

To ensure that your paper is a research paper, there are certain things you need to include in it. These are the main components of a research paper:
Title: any research paper needs to have a title, the title is what will show everyone what the paper is all about.
Table of contents: a research paper needs to have a table of contents complete with the page numbers.

Introduction: a good research paper should have an introduction to show what it is all about. It is in the introduction that we get the thesis statement. Without it the introduction then the paper would look half written.

The methodology: every academic paper has research done on the topic being addressed. The methodology is used to find this information. It should be clearly started and the entire process should follow it.

Results and discussion: once the research is done, the results should be shared and a discussion done on it to give meaning. This is the biggest bit of the entire paper as it contains the core reason the paper was written in the first place. It should be clear and details. The discussion can also borrow for mother scholarly articles just to explain what the results are.

Conclusion: once the paper has been fully written then next thing is the conclusion. it ties together nay lose ends and give more meaning to the paper. The thesis statement should appear in the part of the research paper again and the student needs to show how they explain the thesis statement in the entire paper.

Writing a research paper might seem so complicated but it is not so hard. All the student needs to do is gather enough information on the topic and get the right sources and they are good to go. Where need be the student can seek the help of writing services. They are better placed to

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