TechScreen announces training partnership with IT Staffing firms

MANSFIELD, MA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2021 / — TechScreen Inc. is announcing a new program that will build partnerships with IT staffing firms to help them onboard new employees with greater efficacy and helping them to become productive far more quickly.

IT staffing firms generally hire more junior candidates as a way to manage expenses and to mold new hires into employees who follow the prescribed company approach. There is more risk in hiring junior candidates because getting them the appropriate amount of training and mentoring takes time and generally ties up senior teammates who also have to be productive. Hiring proven talent will be much more expensive, because they come with bigger guarantees and some may be reluctant to leave a place with a large book of business.

“We know that training is a huge concern for staffing company owners,” TechScreen CEO Mark Knowlton said. “They need people to be as productive as quickly as possible, but they fight this battle of giving them on the job training while trying to measure their KPIs to track their progress. And to make things worse, most staffing firms don’t have Training as a formal function.

“We want to offer IT staffing firms an alternative by becoming their IT Training partner,” Knowlton said. “Our new TechScreen Certified training program is an ideal option for IT staffing firms because they get one-it-its-kind training that breaks down advanced technical concepts into easy to grasp subjects they can use to qualify candidates and requirements. Plus, the training program comes with the use of our SaaS screening platform free for a year so they can create custom interviews and get far greater engagement with hiring managers and candidates.”

TechScreen has been serving IT staffing firms since its inception in 2016 and has multiple clients who rank in the Top 15 of the SIA list of Staffing firms. However, most IT staffing firms in the US employ fewer than 25 people, so training becomes more of an ad hoc exercise to smaller shops, a burden that often falls on the owner or senior executives. Owners have to balance the need to get their people prepared to engage with their respective audiences with putting them out there to see which of their employees are going to hit their numbers. TechScreen effectively lets a staffing firm outsource the technical training during the on-boarding process.

TechScreen offers the recruiting industry’s only technical training solution that comes with the use of a SaaS tool that reinforces the education delivered by the training. The curriculum covers topics like Application architecture, Networking, Databases, REST and Web Services, The Cloud, DevOps and InfoSec and breaks down advanced technical concepts in a way that makes it easy for a non-technical person to grasp them so they can be used to qualify candidates and requirements.

“We have a client who closed a deal without an interview and we have another client whose recruiters have knocked out 66% of over 5,000 candidates they have interviewed between 2016 and 2020, so the tool by itself is a game-changer,” Knowlton said. “We refer to our platform as a Technical Engagement Equalizer because it allows account executives and recruiters engage with their respective audiences on a peer level. When you combine our core screening platform with the 12 modules of training and you have a powerful combination of capabilities that would take years to acquire organically.”

Staffing firms have always struggled with profitability, turnover and being grilled by technologists for not being technical enough. TechScreen’s new training offering will help staffing firms cope with all three challenges.

Mark Knowlton
TechScreen, Inc.
+1 508-203-8283

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