T.W.O Make Waves With His Latest Album ‘Two Evol’

T.W.O Make Waves With His Latest Album
‘Two Evol’

Antonio Jamel Marshall, better known by his stage name T.W.O is excited to announce the release of his album ‘Two Evol.’ The album was released July 9, 2020, and is available on Apple Music and Spotify. ‘Two Evol’ comprises six (6) songs, lasting approximately fifteen minutes and features artists like Fizzy World.

T.W.O is an American rapper with both Bajan and Panamanian roots. He is a versatile songwriter, record executive, music video director, and producer. Additionally, T.W.O is also an independent artist and CEO of Motivational Trendsetters entertainment. He directs his own music video visuals and uses catchy hooks and phrases, which earned him the self- proclaimed nickname “Hook King.” This has given him the ability to work and collaborate with mogul music recording artists.

In 2006, Jim Jones formed a hip hop group and label called ByrdGang, which signed and co- signed new refreshing young artists to the hip hop industry, including Max. B, Stack Bundles, Mel Matrix, Jah.Jah and NOE.

Later in 2013, Vampire Life record label CEO Jim Jones released his first debut album of the Vampire life label “We Own The Night vol.1”; which featured T.W.O on multiple solos. The album spawned the hit single “Anna Mae” featuring Jim Jones. T.W.O followed up with his second single, “No Swag,” also featuring Jim Jones.

On August 13, 2013, the “Vampire Life 2.” debut album was released by former recording artist and CEO Jim Jones, leading to T.W.O’s biggest single to date, “60 Racks,” featuring Jim Jones and Lil Wayne.

The song hit number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and is certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

In 2015, T.WO released his first album debut ‘Vampire In Brooklyn’ with productions from Arab Beats, Triple-A, Ablaze da Architex and featured artists like Jim Jones, Trav, Mel Matrix, and ByrdGang Shoota.

About a year later, T.W.O recorded his second debut solo album, ‘Hook King’ and hit single ‘Franklin To The 9’s’ featuring Fivio Foreign. He followed up with his second album, ‘Incredible T.W.O,’ and returned in July 2016 for his third album entitled ‘Incredible T.W.O.’

In 2017, T.W.O recorded his fourth album entitled ‘The Joker,’ which streamed well over 43,000,000 streams on datpiff platforms. This paved the way for his fourth hit single, ‘That 30’, where he collaborated with artist GS9 Rowdy Rebel.
A year later, in August 2018, T.W.O returned to the studio for his fifth single, ‘Ju Don’t Know,’ featuring recording hip hop artist and co-founder of the well-known Milly rock dance, 2Milly.

T.W.O’s most recent project, ‘Two Evol’, promises a good time, incorporating catchy lyrics, banging instrumentals, and staying true to the rap and hip-hop genre. The experience is truly fresh, original, and powerful.

Learn more about T.W.O at email or website here. Follow him on Instagram @t.w.o_ and Youtube @T.W.O

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