Storbyte targets High-Performance Computing (HPC) Environments

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Storbyte, a leading IT hardware pioneer that delivers enterprise storage servers through its channel partners

Storbyte announces its joint effort with OmniBond Systems to certify OrangeFS, a parallel scale out storage software solution for High-Performance Computing.

As organizations strive to gain intelligence from growing data, the need for real-time analytics continues to increase. Storbyte provides storage solutions that help customers stay ahead.”

— Steve Groenke

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2021 / — Storbyte, a leading IT hardware pioneer that delivers enterprise storage servers through its channel partners, today announced its joint effort with OmniBond Systems to certify OrangeFS, an award-winning parallel scale out storage software solution that has been successfully utilized in High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments. OrangeFS unites individual Storbyte servers, VMs and cloud instances into a high performing parallel storage system with a unified namespace.

“OrangeFS is designed to store data across multiple networked servers and to facilitate high-performance access through simultaneous, coordinated input/output operations between clients and storage nodes,” said Steve Groenke, Chief Executive Officer at Storbyte. “While OrangeFS has been a proven parallel file system that historically has targeted high-performance computing (HPC) environments, it can now be applied to other environments that require access to large files, massive quantities of data, or simultaneous access from multiple compute servers.”

Future Storbyte targeted applications leveraging OrangeFS include climate modeling, computer-aided engineering, exploratory data analysis, financial modeling, genomic sequencing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, seismic processing, video editing, and visual effects rendering.

“OrangeFS is the next generation of Parallel Virtual File Systems,” said Boyd Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at OmniBond Systems. “It is a modern distributed file system, integrated upstream in the Linux kernel, that will bring new and exciting storage services to enterprises that require data-intensive computing and storage.”

The certification process included 18-months of lab testing and optimization. The OrangeFS software stack on the Storbyte hardware defined storage environment provides uninterrupted availability and stability during heavy workloads.

“As data continues to grow and organizations strive to quarry intelligence from data, the need for real-time analytics will continue to increase,” Groenke added. “Storbyte provides a platform of storage solutions on a systems level to enable customers to maximize the value of data, gain competitive advantages, and stay ahead by utilizing our cutting-edge developments and certified solutions.”

About Storbyte
Storbyte Inc., headquartered in Washington, DC, manufacturers enterprise storage arrays and provides delivered data services to the global market via its established distribution channel partners. Storbyte is a vibrant growing business that was born out of the simple need for a reliable and cost correct data storage solutions. Its goal is to provide sustainable solutions to a market that forgot what was important to end users. To learn more about Storbyte products or to become a channel partner, visit us at

About Omnibond
Omnibond Systems, LLC is a software development company focusing on products based in foundational technology areas. These areas include computer vision, cloud based high performance computing, parallel storage and identity and security management. To learn more about Omnibond, visit us at

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