Still Unclear: Deadline of the Banning of Mobile Internet Services in Myanmar

NEW DELHI, INDIA, March 24, 2021 / — Myanmar-based telecommunication providers announced that they are blocking mobile internet from their services starting March 15. Almost 10 days have passed, and still, there are no updates regarding when will this ban be lifted.

This overwhelming news shocked the netizens as the options for communication became smaller and smaller for people in Myanmar.

Aside from this, a lot of unpleasant things have happened since the start of the coup. From the banning of popular social media sites, revoking media outlets’ franchise, to killing protesters and journalists.

And, yet, only a few people around the globe are aware of these happenings. This is due to the lack of information dissemination. The traditional media and unconventional media are great sources of updates but the government shut these platforms off.

As of today, only broadband and Wi-Fi connections are available in Myanmar.

What Could the Myanmar Citizens Do?

To those who have broadband or Wi-Fi access, it is high-time to share real-time updates about the condition in Myanmar. The situation there is no joke and people around the globe have to know it.

If one is having second thoughts because of what might the government do to him. Fret not. A VPN or a Virtual Private Network will help internet users inform the general public on cyberspace without compromising their online safety and privacy.

A VPN like GoingVPN is a great tool to guarantee one’s online security especially in Myanmar where every action is traced. GoingVPN has a tight encryption so one is assured that whatever they post on social media will not be seen by third parties such as websites, hackers, internet providers, and the government.
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