Stephen Stapinski from Andover, Mass., Releases Upgraded Nature Photography Blog Site


Individuals who would like to excel in nature photography can now take advantage of a newly revamped wildlife photography blog site created by industry veteran Stephen Stapinski from Andover, Mass. The newly updated website has already achieved higher-than-anticipated rankings since its release in mid-March, according to Stapinski.

The upgraded website can be found at This version of the website, Version 2.0, has experienced strong success since its release, thus following in the footsteps of the site’s original version, Version 1.0. Stapinski said Version 1.0, which made its debut in 2020, generated a significant amount of traffic, and as a result, he wanted to update it to elevate its visual appeal and navigability.

The new website offers a variety of tips for individuals interested in multiple genres of photography, including sport, real estate, and even pandemic photography. Individuals who are interested in sport photography can expect to learn about the benefits of using Nikon and Canon digital single-lens reflex cameras when taking pictures on a football field or basketball court, for example. In addition, Stapinski offers a rundown on the importance of using zoom lenses to capture crisp and clear action shots from far away, as well as using a tripod to ensure steady shots during an event.

Aspiring real estate photographers can also find tips for capturing the perfect property photos on Stapinski’s website. For instance, these individuals should create standard shot lists to maintain consistency between properties when taking photographs, according to Stapinski. In addition, Stapinski encourages readers to declutter the homes they are photographing to open up these spaces in their photographs.

People who are interested in taking pandemic-themed photos can also find tips on Stapinski’s updated website. For instance, Stapinski encourages his readers to take photos of quiet places that were very active before the pandemic. In this way, they can artistically document this historical moment in time in a way that can be appreciated for generations to come, according to Stapinski.

Stephen Stapinski Andover
Stephen Stapinski Andover
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