SotgMando: An Emerging Rapper From The Bay Area

SotgMando is a young and upcoming Bay Area rapper. Born in Antioch california and was raised from home to home all over the bay area. He first started making music at 14 using a phone and free beats. Then as time went by he got to upgrade to a home studio. He came up with his rap name one day by writing some lyrics and piecing them together. “Stay on that grind mandatory” is not only a name but a lifestyle that he will live and die by.

Hailing from Antioch, Ca, SotgMando is rapidly making a name for himself in the Bay Area Rap Scene. With his songs such as “On My Own” & “Nowadays”. SotgMando has notable collabs and publications, By appearing on the thizzler and by working with Shakur Luciano with there new hit single “Do You Love Me”. SotgMando’s upcoming plans are to release his upcoming single “Mainline” and will also be dropping a music video shorty after.

One of the Bay Area’s most promising artist, SotgMando continues to release quality music for fans and music lovers alike. Born and raised in Antioch, California SotgMando knew he didn’t want to be a product of his environment. Because at an early age he was surrounded by wrong doing individuals …. and let’s just say he got into some troubles along the way. But everything he had went thru helped him form his own unique sound and style.

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