Soliloque – Blueprint for The Technological Singularity

“Soliloque – Blueprint for The Technological Singularity” by James C. Lin is available on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play & Google Books.

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, March 21, 2021 / — “Soliloque – Blueprint for The Technological Singularity” by James C. Lin of is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play & Google Books at USD $99.99 as of 2021-03-20.

James C. Lin is an author, inventor, and paradigm-shifter in multiple disciplines. Soliloque is his life-long passion realized. He has a BAS degree in Marketing from York University in Canada and an MPS degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program of New York University in the USA.

To AI community: NAKED is thy Emperor

Soliloque is an original computer theory created by James C. Lin to enable Artificial General Intelligence ( AGI ) on binary hardware with a software linguistic-engine.

Computer hardware was capable of AGI the moment GUI and Internet both became prevalent in the mid-1990s. Neither neural networks nor quantum computing is required to bring the ultimate human invention into being. The hindering culprit that led AGI astray was the desktop metaphor on every computer today.

Lead by a 3D chatroom metaphor, Soliloque’s fundamentally different approach to graphical data presentation allows it to record human thinking threads via a qualitative scripting environment and abstract reusable rules and algorithms from it.

The hardware, software industries, and academia are all looking in the wrong directions.

History in 18 months

1. A 3D chatroom metaphor to naturally interact with AGI entity.
2. A graphical “qualitative” scripting language that records human thoughts and life events.
3. A linguistic engine to abstract AGI rules for creativity & problem-solving.
4. A new natural language dictionary structure.
5. A new contact manager structure.
6. A “simulated machine consciousness” that is both “Mind Doppelgänger” and companion.

An alpha prototype will be ready for testing in 18 months once the resources are in place.
The Technological Singularity arrives as soon as the “Simulated Machine Consciousness” becomes self-aware.

The Ultimate Human Invention

Soliloque is the most important innovation since “The Mother of All Demos” by Douglas C. Engelbart in 1968. It forsook every preconceived notion of computing technology and artificial intelligence. HCI, UI/UX designs, data science, natural language processing, software engineering/architecture were broken into pieces for the dots to reconnect just right. In the process, Soliloque solved the mysteries that eluded computing so far: Semantic Web and Augmenting Human Intellect.

No more guesstimates. It is already here.

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