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Between a longer lifespan, the effects of child rearing, and structural inequities, women’s financial situations can be very different from men’s.

Whatever their marital status is and whatever their career path has been, women can learn what kinds of Social Security options will be available to them.”

— Megan Coelho, President of Advice Chaser

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2021 / — Women live about five years longer than men on average, so it’s no surprise that Social Security benefits affect women differently. Between a longer lifespan, the effects of child rearing, the structural inequities women have experienced in the workplace, and the reality of growing up in a society that was uncomfortable teaching girls about money, women’s financial situations at retirement today can be very complex and quite different from men’s. Advice Chaser addresses some of these differences directly in a new webinar, titled “Social Security Benefits for Women.” The free, one-hour webinar will premiere on April 7 at noon Eastern time, and anyone is welcome to join. You can register for the webinar here.

The webinar is hosted by Advice Chaser, a financial concierge service that matches clients with experienced financial advisors. The webinar’s three guest speakers will be financial advisors from Premier Social Security Consulting. Marc Kiner, a CPA with 35 years of experience in public accounting, sold his CPA business to concentrate on Social Security education. He started Premier Social Security Consulting in 2010. Marc, along with his Premier Social Security Consulting colleagues Jim Blair and Gail Hoffman, will discuss the ins and outs of Social Security benefits, including:
>>What Social Security options divorced women have from ex-spouses
>>How spousal benefits work, whether your spouse is alive or has passed away
>>What kinds of Social Security options you could get on your own

“It’s so important for women to be empowered in their financial choices,” said Megan Coelho, President of Advice Chaser. “Whatever their marital status is and whatever their career path has been, women can learn what kinds of Social Security options will be available to them. The experts at Premier Social Security Consulting have specialized in Social Security benefits, and their insights will make the webinar a must-see for women of all ages.”

If you’re seeking advice for Social Security, contacting a financial advisor is a great place to start taking control of your financial future. To find a financial advisor who has experience with women’s finances, including Social Security spousal benefits, book a free consultation here.

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