CloutHub drops IBM, migrates to new video streaming service, over sudden termination of service.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2021 / — In response to repeated acts of blatant censorship from IBM, CloutHub, a next generation social media platform that strives to protect free speech and open discourse, announced today that it is migrating to a new video hosting service.

These acts included an abrupt removal of multiple CloutHub video channels, followed by a sudden termination of service that violated IBM’s agreement with the social media network. Despite multiple requests for clarification from CloutHub and its legal team, IBM has not issued any formal explanation of its actions.

“CloutHub will fight Big Tech censorship at every turn,” CloutHub founder Jeff Brain said in a statement. “In its contract with our company, IBM agreed not to remove or censor any of our content without issuing a warning or giving us sufficient time to remedy the problem. Regrettably, IBM chose not to fulfill its contractual obligation with CloutHub. To make matters worse, IBM still hasn’t given us an explanation for the permanent removal of CloutHub channels.

“We are thrilled to launch the new video hosting service to protect CloutHub members from Big Tech censorship,” Brain concluded.

Burton Boucher, a CloutHub software engineer who previously worked at IBM, added that “In my 15 years working at IBM I have never known IBM not to follow its own internal processes. Both the unnotified take down and the abrupt termination of service is troubling. The catch phrase ‘No one ever got fired for buying IBM’ is nothing but history.”

The decision to start transitioning to an alternative video hosting service came immediately after IBM – the company that provided video streaming services to CloutHub – recently violated its agreement with the social media platform by permanently removing 14 video channels without warning. IBM then proceeded to inform CloutHub that it would abruptly terminate its services, broadly suggesting that the social media platform hosted “fraudulent content or deceptive messages” without further explanation or details provided to CloutHub.

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Jillian Anderson

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