Social Justice starts with Safety Equity

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SAN RAFAEL, CA, USA, April 1, 2021 / — No longer will you need to worry about having a budget to provide for much needed safety and risk reduction solutions, especially for those who are concerned about their community and staff. Shouldn’t all people regardless of race or economic class be in a safe environment?

For the month of April 2021, you can receive a customized solution that will not only make your organization compliant with Covid-19 requirements but also provide confidence to your constituents at no COST to your organization. The ability to give and help organizations during these difficult times has led Emergency ePlan to provide much needed solutions at no cost to your organization.

Sitting back, waiting and doing nothing is not a solution for improving safety but a strategy for unplanned penalty fees and unexpected lawsuits. Emergency ePlan will provide a solution that includes Communications and Action requirements needed to avoid the dangers and penalties from a Pandemic, Natural Disaster or Man-caused events.

Emergency ePlan will also provide solutions to deal with threats to your organization. The goal of this program is to enable Non-Profit Organizations, Churches and Schools to open in a safe manner but more importantly to stay open. Emergency ePlan is a provider of Safety and Risk Management solutions that include:

• Safety App System
• ePass
• See Something Say Something
• LifeSaver Kits

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