Shane Roybal: How the Tech World has been Impacted by Pandemic

Shane Roybal on How the Tech World has been Impacted by Pandemic

WHEAT RIDGE, CO, UNITED STATES , March 22, 2021 / — The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in the entire world along with every industry. People’s homes and businesses are seeing firsthand the effects the pandemic has had on technology and as a tech expert, Shane Roybal is citing major changes that have been made in the world of technology because of the pandemic.

Shane Roybal Discusses How Working From Home has Impacted Technology

Shane Roybal said more people are working from home due to the pandemic than ever before as businesses work to decrease the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. With more remote employees, along with students and teachers conducting school online, there has been a greater demand placed on each household’s total bandwidth. This can mean that devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets, are placing a greater demand on internet connections which could have a hard time keeping up with the increased traffic. Shane Roybal said this puts a greater demand on the IT infrastructure in cities and towns across the United States.

Shane Roybal Touts the Growing Use of Telehealth in the World of Healthcare

Shane Roybal also cites the growing need for telehealth. Shane Roybal said that more people than ever before are using telehealth apps to speak with physicians about health care issues, including symptoms and medications for COVID-19. Shane Roybal said that the healthcare industry as a whole has been pushed to the limits during the current pandemic. Shane Roybal said that telehealth is working well during this time because many people do not want to leave their homes more than they have to and definitely do not want to go to a doctor’s office or emergency room unless it is the last resort. Shane Roybal said there is an increasing number of people who are opting to communicate with their doctors through online video-conferencing, such as Zoom or Skype, or through an online chat program instead of seeing their doctor in person. Shane Roybal touts advances in technology as making online conferences with doctors available to people, hence reduces the barriers to healthcare during the pandemic. Shane Roybal said that this major shift in the healthcare industry is beginning to become commonplace to many people throughout the country and may very well continue, even after the pandemic is over.

Shane Roybal Stresses the Importance of a Secure Internet Connection

Shane Roybal is also highlighting the significance of a secure internet connection when it comes to the new era of working from home. Remote workers need to know they have a secure internet connection to protect confidential information and important aspects of their jobs. While a dependable internet connection is imperative for people to be able to work remotely, Shane Roybal stresses the importance of the security of the internet connection to keep data safe. Shane Roybal points out that workers should look for ways to keep their employers’ data as safe as possible while working remotely by using VPNs and other advanced security measures that are available. Shane Roybal said that by using a VPN, employees can transfer critical and private information to their employer, and receive it from their employer, in a safe manner. Shane Roybal, as an IT expert, is working diligently with companies of all sizes to manage and develop their IT infrastructure to increase cybersecurity and keep information safe during the pandemic and beyond.

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