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Sales pitches are never received well – what if you didn’t need one?

Everyone’s aware of how much a sales pitch can be a turn-off.”

— Terri Levine

NORTH WALES, PA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2021 / — Sales pitching is never typically fun for business owners. Whether you’re talking on the phone, meeting in person, gathering on Zoom, or doing a webinar or a presentation, thousands of business owners waste large chunks of their day trying to close sales using selling tactics instead of spending time with their families or actually serving their current customers. But selling isn’t just frustrating for the entrepreneur. recipients of sales pitches and manipulations also get tired of this process.

“Everyone’s aware of how much a sales pitch can be a turn-off”, explains Terri Levine, a business strategist who has helped thousands of clients to stop selling the traditional way. “But very few people are aware of the harm that all that wasted time is doing to their lives”.

According to Levine, the most damaging aspect of manipulative sales is the fact that after you have done this or even sold a prospect in this way you may feel upset and tired and not ethical at all and you may even feel guilty. That frustration can wear away even at the most passionate business owner who has the best intentions of their customers in mind.

But it’s not just the pain of trying to close someone by overcoming objections that cause problems. The lost time spent overcoming objections and using pitches and sometimes manipulating people you can never get back. That’s valuable time that would be better spent building relationships instead of slowly chipping away at the foundations of potential relationships.

It’s not always easy to avoid traditional selling, when the choice is between selling in a way that doesn’t feel good or learning a process that is ethical joyful, and fun, the decision should be easy, says Levine.

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