Saint James VSOP, the new premium rhum by Rhums Martiniquais Saint James

Saint James Rhum VSOP by TheRumLab

For Marc Sassier, master rhum maker, this rhum is the quintessence of the Saint James style.

MIAMI, FL, USA, March 24, 2021 / — Saint James VSOP is the newest member of the Saint James family, one of the oldest distilleries in Martinique, created in 1765.

St James Rhum is the product of a long rum tradition dating back to the first sugar cane plantations when the first concoctions known as tafia or guildive were made. « Rhum Z’habitant in Martinique” meaning rhum for locals

It is made from the fermentation of the pure juice of sugar cane grown in the fields of Saint-Marie, located on the east side of the island. Because of its distillation method, it is recognized as an A.O.C. Rhum (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée Martinique) of Martinique.

St James Rhums contain a multitude of fruity aromas, aged in oak barrels, and do not include the use of sweeteners.

Saint James VSOP is the flagship of the core Saint James old Rhum ; VO, VSOP, XO the first of three premium rums to be launched as part of the Saint James brand: VO, VSOP, and XO. Rhums Martiniquais Saint James (RMSJ), is part of the La Martiniquaise group.

According to Marc Sassier, master blender said that the VSOP designation represents the quintessence of the Saint James style, powerful and charming at the same time.” Sassier won the title of “Best Rum Master 2016”, at the VI International Rum Conference in Madrid.

This product is stored during its aging process in American oak barrels for four years that have previously contained Bourbon and new American oak barrels.

Bottled at 43% alcohol, it is a perfectly balanced Rhum with a crisp and intense intensity.

It recently stood out in its category at the Rum Masters 2021 celebration. It was rated as a bold, yet elegant Agricole-aged rum, with some sweet almond notes and seriously aged elements.

Characteristics of Saint James VSOP Rhum
Aroma: Fruity aromas combined with woody scents are perceived.
Color: It has golden mahogany, limpid and bright.
Palate: The balance. It is very elegant with the classic toasted notes of Saint James (almond, coffee, chocolate) and a block of very well-integrated wood.
Bottle: It is a new bottle that was redesigned in 2020. It is a square bottle but with more modern designs and has a percentage of recycled glass to be more ecologically friendly.

Saint James VSOP will be available internationally from March 2021. The Saint James brand is the world’s best-selling agricultural, pure cane or agricole rhum and is distributed in more than 50 countries.

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