Royal Care Details the Importance of Offering Caregivers the COVID-19 Vaccine

Royal Care

Industry Leader Royal Care is the industry-first to provide vaccines to its home health aides at no cost.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, US, March 30, 2021 / — Royal Care is a leading home care company based in New York City. The prominent home care corporation has taken it upon itself to offer and administer the COVID-19 Vaccine to all of its caregivers. This is a fundamental move in ensuring both: a) that some of the most altruistic and noble members of our society are safeguarded in their fight against the unprecedented virus, and b) that the prolific amount of high-risk elderly patients in the care homes are not needlessly exposed to the COVID-19 virus. The prominent home care corporation has taken it upon itself to launch an innovative initiative which encapsulates the need to keep both the patients, and the home health aides safe.

Royal Care is proud to announce that they are the first home care company in all of NYC to officially offer exclusive access to a COVID-19 vaccine to their employees – without the need to wait in line, or pay a monetary fee. These vaccines are- of course, safe-proofed beforehand and have been critically examined and consequently approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“Undoubtedly, the standards of the home healthcare Industry- in relation to both its caregivers and its clients, is changing for the better. Royal Care is an adamant advocate for change and has consequently implemented a plethora of progressive and innovative changes tailored to safeguarding its valued employees”- Royal Care CEO, Josh Klein

The agency’s home health aides are all specialized in what is commonly referred to as ‘value based treatment’. This method adopts a holistically sensitive approach and ensures all clients are always treated in a comfortable, safe and respectable manner with an extraordinarily high degree of quality. This way, the agency consistently takes all prerequisite steps in ensuring their clients stay ‘out of the hospital.’

This aforementioned approach of Royal Healthcare in relation to COVID-19 is likely an indication of the prolific value that they attach to their staff, and consequently may shed light in regards to the company’s esteemed corporate ethos and altruistic identity.

A byproduct of decades worth of commitment, diligence and altruism, the U@:tm: ROYAL Perks Program (a membership based rewards scheme), undeniably enables a variety of home health aides to always be their best self at work. In turn, this ultimately allows the clinic to provide an unrivaled degree of support and motivation to the prolific amount of people under their care. The aforementioned program unequivocally serves as an overt recognition of the value of the millions of essential home health aides in our economy, and may pave the way towards a more socially inclusive and consistent work-culture in the relative industries.

Such policies have been documented to provide a plethora of benefits. For one, they allow care providers to be protected against the so-called ‘frequently hospitalized’ clients and decrease the degree of controversy associated with any potential restrictive visitor policies that may have to be imposed as a result. Furthermore, such policies are beneficial as they adopt a holistically immersive approach and take into account the fact that caregivers are (quite commonly) the primary source of contact for high-risk patients during adverse and medically complex times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, home health aides played an essential role in safeguarding the patients at their home. Given the novel nature of the vaccine in relation to the vaccination of those with extremely exacerbated immune systems or severe allergies, prioritizing and safeguarding caregivers first will indirectly actively shield such high-risk individuals without potentially jeopardizing their health.

About Royal Care: Royal Care is a leading colossal in the healthcare industry with experience spanning several decades. Their decision to provide free, accessible and universal vaccinations to their employees may pave the way towards a much needed legal extension in relation to the safety and health of our economy’s home health aides.

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