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RollsPack Boomerang Bag Returnable Mailer Bag

The Boomerang Returnable Mailer Bag

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RollsPack Group Brings a Environmentally Friendly Returnable Mail Bag to the Market!

Branding is what people say about you, when you are not in the room”

— Rebekah Radice

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2021 / — The RollsPack Group (America’s favourite wholesale and retail packaging retailer is pleased to announce the launch of our latest ‘Boomerang Bag‘, a returnable, reusable, and recyclable mailer bag that allows customers to easily return a product.

Many tests have shown that people ‘impulsively purchase’ during lockdown, and that retail therapy is at an all-time high – but this has posed a new challenge. When products are in high demand and consumers make impulse purchases, they may, at times, need to return the item.

According to a recent survey conducted by Credit Karma, a personal finance website where consumers can check their credit score, about 35% of people appear to have made impulse purchases to cope with the pressure of the current pandemic. Surprisingly, just 3% of those polled claimed they ‘never impulse shop’ – Since we have seen more extreme lockdowns, which seem to come and go, these numbers could see an increase in coming times.

As a result, our dependence on e-commerce retail has grown substantially, as has our vulnerability to ‘iso’-based shopping, and impulse purchase decisions.

RollsPack Group ( )has been a leader in the worldwide packaging game for over 30 years, providing grocery packaging, supermarket packaging, tamper-evident packaging, and e-commerce packaging as well as many other options. In reality, RollsPack Group is credited with pioneering the use of the twice-use satchel.

We believe it is time to launch the latest and updated ‘returnable mailer’… the ‘Boomerang Bag’, with the rise of e-commerce also comes the requirement and desire for a “returnable” option specifically in fashion-based product lines.

The Boomerang Bag, named after an Australian cultural object, aims to reduce waste and emissions. They are designed to be recyclable through services which transform used mailers into useful items like park benches and tarmac for roads & airport runways.

In many countries this initiative is organised through a central location such as supermarkets or shopping centres. While the world has not yet developed the capability to turn the used items into mailers again it is still incredible that they can be given a second life. Some of the longest lasting and highest quality products have these recycled products in them.

We at RollsPack Group are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to add value through innovation, and after pioneering the now-ubiquitous “twice use” mailer, it seemed like a natural match for our next project.

Speak to us about the Boomerang Bag if you want to move your brand to the next level by providing a fun packaging experience at one of the last touchpoints in the modern shoppers buying cycle.

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