Robert Shumake Hosts the Shumake Relays, the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Cross-Country Tournament

How Robert Shumake and His Relays Help His Community

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2021 / — Robert Shumake is the kind of business person that the world needs now: a humanitarian and philanthropist who supports his community in many ways. For instance, his yearly cross-country relays provide support for the African American community that he found was lacking. And every year, it hopes to expand these benefits even further to help transform the world for the better.

Over the years, Robert Shumake has become one of the most critical Michigan business people due to his commitment to expanding and improving his area. Robert Shumake heads Inheritance Capital Group (ICG), an important company that helps manage real estate investment and development. He has used his placement in this industry to expand affordable housing options to those who need it the most.

And when he hosts the Shumake Relays every year, he gives African American cross country competitors a chance to stand out. In a field that Caucasian competitors have historically dominated, Robert Shumake succeeded. And Robert Shumake hopes to turn his past success into the chance for young African American runners to compete at a level they deserve.

For instance, the Robert Shumake Relays provides over 100 college scholarships to young runners every year, based on their skills, promise, and capabilities. Over the years, he has given out nearly 25,000 scholarships and sponsored many young African American athletes to higher levels. Many of the best cross-country competitors in the field today got their start thanks to this support.

Just as importantly, Robert Shumake and his Historical Black College Cross Country Tournament (HBCU) is the largest competition of its kind for African American runners. It focuses on historical all-black colleges and strives to give these runners a metaphorical leg-up on their competitors. Robert Shumake and his foundation have proudly held this tournament for many years with many competitors.

And with his help, many of these runners have succeeded and become competitive runners both in college and professionally. Robert Shumake believes that struggling African American youths in Michigan, Indiana, and the surrounding states need this kind of support and help feel important. Just as importantly, Robert Shumake knows that this kind of help makes youths feel appreciated as people.

By breaking what can be persistent patterns of abusive behavior via support and strength, Robert Shumake knows that the African American community can rise above and become even more prominent and successful. The opportunities are there for those who want them, and he believes that his relays provide the extra help that so many young people need to succeed in a strange and challenging world.

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