Rick Andreoli Montreal Featured in Article on the Right way to Prepare a Poached Egg

MONTREAL, QUéBEC, CANADA , March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Television chef Rick Andreoli of Montreal was recently featured in an article highlighting the perfect way to cook a poached egg—something that many home cooks struggle with, according to Andreoli.

In the article, Andreoli explains that poaching eggs can understandably be challenging. However, once readers master the art and science of the poached egg–cooking process, they should have no problem with repeating it every time they are in the mood for poached eggs.

For starters, it is critical that cooks properly prepare water for cooking their poached eggs. A sizable saucepan should be filled with water, and a couple of cups of vinegar (white wine) should be added to it. The vinegar will keep the egg intact when they are submerged in the water, according to Andreoli.

Next, the egg should be broken into a glass and then added to the saucepan after the water has been stirred slowly using a slotted spoon. Once the egg is in the water, it should stay together while swirling around, and eventually, the egg white will extend around the egg’s yolk. At this time, the heat should be turned off, and the lid should be placed on the saucepan as the egg cooks for six minutes, according to Andreoli.

Andreoli explains on the website that once the egg is done cooking, it should be submerged in an ice bath, which will make the egg’s outside area firm. During this process, the egg’s center will remain soft, but the egg will not continue to cook due to the cold temperature of the ice water surrounding it, according to Andreoli. Finally, the egg can be removed from the bath, at which point it is ready to eat.

All in all, through the article, readers can learn practical, easy-to-follow steps for preparing delicately cooked poached eggs that will both look great and taste delicious time and time again, according to Andreoli.

Rick Andreoli Montreal
Rick Andreoli Montreal
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