Purchase Order Scam Averted By Vigilant Printer

Watch out for fake Purchase Orders

Printer Catches Fake Purchase Order

106 year old printer in New York City intercepted and stopped a fraudulent transaction on a major purchase order by individual posing as a University employee.

Be aware, stay alert and if it doesn’t feel right, check it out! You can avoid fraudulent transactions and fake purchase orders like these that can be very costly to your business.”

— Tina Weiss

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ —

A message to fellow business owners: Protecting your business and identifying potential fraudulent purchase orders requires attention to detail and diligence! Stay Alert! A Sales Representative of Earth Enterprise, a 106 year old printer headquartered in New York City, intercepted and stopped a fraudulent transaction on a major purchase order request by an individual posing as a University employee.

Recently, Earth Enterprise received a request for 5000 custom thumb drives from what appeared to be the procurement office of a major university. Considerable time was invested in correspondence and communication, by both phone and email regarding the project. Ultimately multiple materials options and cost estimates were put forth to client. Upon approval by client, a purchase order with what appeared to be “authentic” identifiers was submitted to Earth Enterprise, with a “rush” request for production and delivery. Upon receipt of the purchase order, and the “Rush” request, Tina Weiss of Earth Enterprise circled back and personally contacted the client to further confirm all details. That’s when the University directed them to the IT Department, and they informed Earth Enterprise that they had in fact been hacked recently! As a result, many of their vendors were being targeted with fraudulent orders by the hackers with no intention of paying for the products delivered.

From beginning to end, this transaction cost time and potentially could have been much more were it not for the keen eye of Tina and Earth Enterprise. It is important to make certain all P.O.’s are validated by circling back with the procurement office and confirming the details. Be aware, stay alert and avoid fraudulent transactions that can be very costly to your business. We are grateful to our employees for their keen awareness and eagle eyes!

Not only is Earth Enterprise committed to its clients, but to the environment, and quality is never sacrificed to meet tight deadlines. Earth Enterprise continues to be the “Greenest Printer” for every type of client, from high profile fashion design companies around the globe to NYC Agencies and Local Businesses. Giving back, by paying for and planting trees, and offering innovative carbon neutral services printing is just another way Earth Enterprise champions green printing. For more information on Earth Enterprise’s green approaches to printing visit https://www.EarthEnterprise.com or call 646-362-3887 and ask Andy for more information.

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