Prometheus Space Album by Emmanuel Motelin Takes On A Journey to the Cosmos

CANADA, March 21, 2021 / — Unlike conventional background music, with its watered-down melodies, Canadian music artist known as Emmanuel Motelin, based in Calgary, Alberta Canada takes on a space ambient journey in the cosmos in his latest Prometheus Space album that gives many impressions as if we could take our own journey into the outer space in the span of 35 minutes featuring 10 tracks: Prometheus, Zone of A, Harbour Winds, Carpedium, Centennial, Moderno, Space Wheel, Until Dawn, Supernova, and Vortex.

Ambient music connects us with a tradition of contemplative sound experiences whose roots are ancient and diverse. The space ambient genre spans historical, ethnic, and contemporary styles. Emmanuel Motelin started experimenting when Interstellar was released in theatres.
the artist admires making ambient space music as it often takes him to worlds that are much more peaceful. There’s no focus on time, schedules, violence, or chaos. There’s only peace, stillness, and love. It makes us as human beings almost wonder why life here on earth isn’t like that. Mostly, though, it makes Emmanuel Motelin imagine that life in space is peaceful, still, and loving.

Space sounds and ambient Soundworks can relax the body while stimulating the imagination. Many artists swear by it for their creative work. Programmers cherish it as an aid to concentration and complex problem-solving. Restorative powers are often claimed for it, and at its best, it can create an effective environment to balance some of the stress, noise, and complexity of everyday life.

Emmanuel Motelin`s goal is to spark distinctive forms of art in music compositions. Producing music in the sorts of sci-fi, ambient, and cyberpunk. His inspiration emanates from so many roots, endeavoring to spark deeper contemplations of our universe and the reality we are all a part of an equivalent continuum. He loves visualizing images when coming up with tunes as it triggers in his head while developing a track. For example, Emmanuel Motelin pictures himself as an astronaut floating weightlessly into space. He often participates in Nasa`s mission to Mars by submitting his name in challenges. His latest submission entry was an initiative, dubbed “dearMoon by a Japanese billionaire entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa. The SpaceX Starship voyage is slated to spend three days flying to the moon, looping around it, and returning to earth over a second three-day period in 2023. Emmanuel Motelin can`t help but wonder about the marvelous mysteries of the cosmos.

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