45th President conducts rare and exclusive interview on Real America’s Voice network

CENTENNIAL, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2021 / — In a rare interview appearance on Real America’s Voice, a linear, digital news network owned by Performance One Media, former President Donald Trump spoke on a wide variety of issues, including family and parenting, faith, media bias, the Biden presidency, the COVID crisis, and the future prospects of the Republican Party — including weighing in on the possibility of another run.

In an extensive phone interview with Dr. Gina Loudon broadcast on Dr. Gina Primetime, President Trump noted that he’s never felt as much enthusiasm and support from the public as he does now. “There’s more enthusiasm there’s more love out there now than there was at any time before,” he said.

President Trump commented on the hostile media and Establishment bias he faced while in office. “You’re going through this horrible situation,” he said. “I had two jobs when I was President — to do a great job for the country and protect the country, and to survive.” he continued.

The President was as tough on his former allies in the GOP as he was on his opponents. “Our leadership is not good,” Trump observed. “We don’t have good leadership in the Senate,” he continued. “They’re running right over Mitch McConnell.”

But despite his harsh words for Republican leadership, the President was overall hopeful about the GOP’s future prospects. “I think the Republicans are going to do really well in a year and a half from now,” he said. “We have now choice but to do well. And hopefully we’re gonna do well in the House, we’re gonna do well in the Senate, and then in ‘24 we’re gonna do well with that beautiful White House,” he continued.

When asked about his own future political prospects and a potential second run, the President responded, “well we’re looking and we’ll see and we’ll see how things are going.”


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Jillian Anderson

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