Paint What You Love: How Rose Tanner’s Lifelike Birds and Brilliant Use of Color Inspired A New Era of Artists

Rose Tanner, Artist

Rose Tanner, Artist

Paint Birds Workshop by Rose Tanner

Paint Birds Workshop by Rose Tanner

Rose Tanner Painting Masterclass

Rose Tanner Painting Masterclass

Internationally Respected Artist, Rose Tanner Hosts Two Online Workshops for Novice and Intermediate Painters

BANFF, ALBERTA, CANADA, April 7, 2021 / — In a world of faces buried in phones, one artist is going above and beyond to bring light to the beauty of the outside world and the creatures that inhabit it. Rose Tanner, award-winning artist, is known around the world for her vibrant use of color and masterful depiction of birds. Encompassing every aspect of these beautiful creatures, Rose’s passion for wildlife and endangered birds is palpable.

The joy of painting birds has been practiced for centuries, with some of history’s greatest’s paying homage to these complex creatures. Following suit, Tanner has devoted much of her life to the study and appreciation of birds, traveling from the jungles in Ecuador, to the rainforests of Australia for bird reference photos.

Eager to share her passion with the world, Rose Tanner recently launched two online workshops designed to inspire and encourage aspiring artists of all skill levels to explore their passion, creativity, and muse. Students will learn traditional oil painting techniques from a master painter, and challenge their definition of color through the use of a brilliant palette.

“If my paintings can remind you of how extraordinary, how diverse and how truly beautiful nature is then I have done my work.”

The Painting Masterclass and the Paint Birds Online Workshop, hosted by Rose Tanner, showcase her immense passion for nature while providing a tangible plan to help artists master their craft with precision and enthusiasm.

Perfect for beginners, the Painting Masterclass provides the A, B, C’s of painting and the exploration of color use. Heavily focused on creating realistic color, this all-inclusive program leaves participants with over a semester’s worth of invaluable information from a master painter in under six weeks. Suited for beginners or intermediate painters, the Paint Birds Online Workshop dives into the nuances of painting birds and the techniques that bring these paintings to life.

“At first you paint for the challenge, to make your canvas look like what you intend. Then it becomes more about the subjects and the fieldwork, spending time in nature. Then you realize it has been and will always be about the unique and wonderful people you meet along the way.”
-Rose Tanner, Artist

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to guiding the next generation of wildlife artists; Rose Tanner’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the launch of her online workshops.

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About Rose Tanner

Rose Tanner is an award-winning Canadian artist, known for her masterful oil paintings of birds and outdoor life. Using traditional oil techniques, Rose’s paintings nearly fly off of the canvas due to their incredible detail and lifelike appearance. Rose believes this is due to her attention to their inner being, which she is committed to communicating in every painting. Dedicated to her subject matter, Rose travels all over the world as an active supporter of endangered birds and their habitats. A signature member of The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), Juries shows, and volunteers on the FCA Victoria Chapter executive; Rose Tanner is widely respected as a master of her craft and a brilliant teacher.



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