Over a Glass or Two: One of the Hottest Podcasting Shows in New York City

First Year Anniversary of Over a Glass or Two: Let’s All Talk About It

9 Things to Know About the Hosts and the Creative Director

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over a Glass or Two: One of the Hottest Podcasting Shows in NYC
9 Things to Know About the Hosts and Creative Director

It all started during the pandemic, March 2020. It gave us reasons to be happy despite the stay-at-home order. These three friends decided to create something special and it helped viewers and listeners all over the globe to be still inspired and to smile again. Usually, a live broadcast via social media and podcasting in the major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcast. Let’s find out more about the show, the hosts, and the creative director.

Over A Glass or Two is a podcast composed of Filipino-Americans based in New York/New Jersey, USA.

“The concept of our show is simple – We want to put a smile & inspire our viewers & listeners while raising awareness on what is going on with Filipinos in different walks of life all over the world; discuss about everything & anything under the sun while drinking our favorite drink.

We tackle stories of Filipino artists – movies, television, celebrities, influential people, business owners, OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers), inspiring stories, icons, etc. We also cover current events and relevant issues or situations for Filipinos all over the globe.

We also have a new segment that we already launched in October 2020, where we feature stories of people who send letters. After reading the letter, we share our personal opinion and advice. We will also invite an expert or celebrities who can help us analyze & share their 2 cents.”-Jessy Daing (Pronounce DENG)

1. Share us the History of the Show. Also Concept/ ideas:
OAGOT was formed when director JV had an idea about Jcas & I doing a podcast. He said he’s always been amazed how Jcas & I talked about anything under the sun non-stop. At 1st I was so hesitant because not everyone listens to podcasts. But when I finally agreed, I specifically said we have to drink while talking. We called Jcas & pitch him the idea. Thank God he loves it.

For a couple of months, we were doing podcasts whenever we have time, but when the pandemic started, I started reaching out to random friends & celebrities if they can have an interview with us via Zoom. I still remember everyone was still oblivious of what a virtual interview is. Thank God everything went well. We were the 1st podcast on the East Coast who started interviewing Filipino celebrities.

2. Most fun and unforgettable moments.
When we had an interview with Tito Boy Abunda. Tito Boy is my idol since I was a kid. My family & I grew up watching him so it was a dream that became a reality meeting him.
JV: Every episode is unforgettable and fun. I love to see & hear the pre-show conversations with our hosts and guests. It’s very authentic and raw. It’s like they’re trying to figure out each other and try to slowly break a massive amount of ice (being that Jessy & Jcas are non-showbiz personas and the fact that they are trying to converse with people who are about 8,000 miles away in a magical technology where visuals and audio have a millisecond delay).

3. Aside from being a podcaster and in production, what is your daily grind?
I work in the most prestigious hedge fund company in New York as an Information Manager.
Jcas: I work at home having a 9-5 job in hospital billing, taking long naps, wake up, do some cardio, watch my favorite shows, sleep and repeat.

4. During the pandemic last year, you guys helped so many people in coping with loneliness.
JV: I believe our show is our contribution to the Filipino community especially during a time of crisis.
Our podcast helps to bridge the gap between Filipinos all over the world to the Philippines. We alleviate the homesickness of our kababayan’s (Fellowmen) globally by interviewing their favorite celebrities. Also delivering nostalgic references, sharing, inspiring motivational stories that everyone can relate to.

5. Challenges you guys encountered within a year of the show.
Since I’m the person responsible for reaching out to possible guests, it’s quite a challenge whenever guests will cancel at the last minute. Many celebrities are busy due to their hectic schedule, so I have to find ways to schedule them that will not interfere with other guest schedules.

6. Share some insight, did you learn anything from all those interviews and why?
Also, meeting people from different walks of life especially influential people. I never imagine my network will be bigger due to this show.
Jcas: You can always dust yourself as many times as you want. Fall and get up as many times but you can always rise up from adversity.
JV: Just be confident and don’t care for any negative thoughts or comments. If you’re too shy to show yourself, just do a podcast or write up stuff you want to share with the world. At the end of the day, this isn’t really for you, it’s for the people you want to share it with! 🙂

7. Hobbies and how to keep you sane?
I love watching Netflix & Korean Telenovela. I love traveling w/ my 9 yrs. old son & of course w/ Jcas, director JV & friends. My calendar is always fully booked 6-8 months in advance & that’s almost every week.
JV: Watching different types of content, listening to different podcasts, playing PS4, and just meditating and exploring the thoughts in my head.

8. What can we expect from your upcoming episodes?
Hopefully more exciting guests & vlogs.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I envision we will evolve by not just doing online show/podcast; want to have a mainstream production that will also involve services & collaborate with other vloggers & influential people

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