Onyx Return to Release Message-Heavy & Powerful Genre-Defying Album ‘ONYX 4 LIFE’

USA, March 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Onyx returns to release their latest powerful, rough, and message-heavy hip-hop/rap album, “ONYX 4 LIFE.” The thirteen-track LP features atmospheric beats, catchy rhythmic elements, raw instrumentation, and the artists’ grasping flows.

To the empowering “Demon Time,” the group delivers hardcore melodic feels combined with lyrical depth across the record. “Niggas want to know why you always scream and rhyme? You want to know why? Nigga, I’m on demon time…” DroStarr resonates the energy in his voice; you see his veins.

“…Ahh shit. Here comes the trouble two. We comin’ through, Fucking niggas, might trouble you.”

Onyx’s nostalgic style and hardcore delivery will grasp the listener’s attention. “ONYX 4 LIFE” contains lyricism that will hook the listener due to the artist’s wordplay and powerful statements. The eclectic, ominous, and euphoric arrangements with the infectious melodic elements give the vocal on each track an anthemic, personal feel.

“Life is one long day. Y’all some weekend niggas. I’m too strong; fuck a fade, I’m zeaking niggas… What happened to all the mouth? You ain’t speaking nigga? You’ve got to put pressure on it! You leakin’ Nigga.” – Sticky Fingaz from the message-heavy and melodious “The Whole World.”

The album spotlights the talented abilities of rapping and songwriting by Onyx. The release merges nostalgic hip-hop and boom-bap, hardcore rap, and even reggaeton elements seamlessly into one perfect album. “ONYX 4 LIFE” radiates an uninhibited aura as Onyx’s creative range of musical talent becomes profoundly expressed and spelled. The release will take the listeners into a euphonious trance with solid messages, catchiness, and hard-hitting instrumentation. “ONYX 4 LIFE” will be available on all digital streaming platforms on April 9. The first single off the album, “Coming Outside,” is out now.

Onyx is a successful hardcore hip-hop group originating from Queens, New York. Consisting of Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz. The talented group formed in 1988 and has amassed many accolades, including platinum certifications from the RIAA and peaking on the Billboard charts numerous times. Moreover, they have collaborated with industry titans such as X-1, DMX, 50 Cent, All-City, Mr. Cheeks, Wu-Tang Clan, N.O.R.E., Busta Rhymes, Big Pun, ASAP Ferg, and many more.

With their powerful sound, style, and message, Onyx is poised to leave a timeless legacy in the hip-hop scene. With their emotion-filled lyricism, Onyx paints a blank canvas with raw emotion and explosive instrumentation. Radiating a nostalgic hip-hop feeling, Onyx strives to push the envelope with their album to make a well-rounded, dynamic style that fuses the past and the future. The New York-natives seeks to connect intimately through their lyricism with listeners around the world. Onyx will have listeners engulfed in the musical world they create with their no-frills approach and realness. With eight studio albums to date and many more to come, Onyx is set to continue to take the industry by storm.

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