Notion Builds LLC, is launching “TWIDDLE SPIN”, A Versatile Kinetic Desk Gaming Gadget on Kickstarter on 7th April, 2021

Twiddle Spin unleashes one’s creativity to discover new ways of playing with infinite possibilities

Twiddle Spin is developed as a platform to have fun, play, interact, and build up relationships with friends and family by discovering new ways of playing with infinite possibilities.”


AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 7, 2021 / — Twiddle Spin is meticulously designed on core principles of fun, form and function. The spinner is fun to spin, can be twiddled around; helps relax with its oddly satisfying mesmerizing spin. It takes the form of a disc with contours from the core extending towards the circumference of the spin. Twiddle Spin measures at just 46mm in diameter and 15mm thick, weighs at 58 grams making it a perfect everyday carry outdoor companion. Infinite possibilities of discovering various games and performing activities make Twiddle Spin a versatile gadget.

Built to last all metal premium spinner: Twiddle Spin is precision machined from a solid chunk of aircraft grade aluminum, Stainless Steel and Brass. The combination of a variety of metals, anodized to military-grade standards, polished to perfection and laser engraved adds to the premium look and feel of the product. The dual bearing design adds to the stability of the spin. Twiddle Spin is built to last.

Inside is where all the magic happens: Twiddle Spin opens up to 3 Play Discs and a Steel ball. Load in the requisite play disc and steel ball, Spin and play. Each play disc is laser engraved on either side of the disc. Roulette wheel, Mini Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Decision Maker, Dice, D20 Dice, Truth or Dare, Who’s Turn, Mystery Disc, Pocket Money Disc are few of the games that can be played currently. A blank disc is provided for the creative minds to step in and explore new ways of Playing. Twiddle spin loaded with the measurement wheel can measure straight and curved lines aiding to perform various activities. Possibilities are endless. Learn more on how you can make best use of your Twiddle Spin.

Customization to its Core: Personalized statements/wishes can also be written/laser engraved on the discs. Make the Spin truly yours by getting a personalized statement on the surface of the Spin. Twiddle Spin is being offered in Silver Shadow, Midnight Black and Space Blue colors with more colors being available as stretch goals. It is currently being offered on Kickstarter starting from $32 through $65 at 35% discounts for various options launching on 7th April, 2021 at 11:00am EST.

SUN STUDIO, a brand of Notion Builds LLC, Austin, TX, USA specializes in developing innovative products on core principles of FUN, FORM and FUNCTION using a diverse range of materials, techniques and processes to achieve quality and perfection. For more information, visit

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